Leslie Adds A Couple Offers

Edison High School (Fresno, Calif.) has a reputation for producing Division I defensive backs. This year is no different and one of their top prospects is top Brandon Leslie. Leslie recently took an unofficial visit to Notre Dame for the Blue-Gold game and he was impressed with the Notre Dame program.

Notre Dame appears to be looking for big cornerbacks that have the ability to get physical with receivers. Brandon Leslie (6-foot-1, 195 pounds) is a defensive back that the Notre Dame staff has been keeping an eye on, and Brandon recently took a trip to South Bend to check out the Notre Dame campus.

"I had a real good time down there," Leslie said of his experience at the Notre Dame spring game. "It was a real good experience. The support from the fans is great. I loved the way they treated their players and came out for the spring game. We signed a bunch of autographs. I signed them before, during and after the game. We were trying to leave for the airport after the game and I stopped to sign an autograph for one kid and then there were a bunch of people all around me who wanted my autograph. That was kind of cool.

"I really liked the coaching staff. I got a chance to hang out with coach Oliver, he was kind of our tour guide. He showed us all the facilities and I thought they were all great. I spoke with coach Brown and coach Ianello for a while. I didn't get a chance to talk to coach Weis one-on-one, but he spoke to us as a group. I think he knows his stuff, so he'd be a great coach to play under.

"We really didn't have an opportunity to walk around campus because our schedule was real tight," Leslie said. "But from what I saw, it was a really nice campus. There was a real good mix of people. There were some really good people down there. I really liked them."

Now that spring practice has concluded the Notre Dame staff is on the road for the May evaluation period. One stop they will make is to see Brandon.

"I talked to the coaches last week, but I haven't spoken to them this week," Leslie responded when asked about his contact with the Notre Dame coaches. "I think they're going to be at my high school in the next couple weeks. We're in spring practice and they said that they wanted to come watch me.

"A lot of schools have been in already. Arizona, Arizona State, Washington, Air Force, UCLA, Cal, and Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech offered me when they were in. Air Force just offered me also."

Leslie adds the Georgia Tech and Air Force scholarship offers to Nebraska, Washington, Arizona and San Jose State.

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