Page meets Weis, Lewis and Powlus

Excited about the start of spring football last Monday, A.C. Flora High offensive lineman Kenneth Page had something else to be fired up about that morning. At 7:30 a.m., the Columbia, S.C. product found himself shaking the hand of Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis.

With 36 scholarship offers from various top-notch college programs, Kenneth Page and head coach Robin Bacon have seen many faces of the who's who in college football, walk the halls of their school. South Carolina's Steve Spurrier has been by, Clemson's Tommy Bowden has popped in. But Weis's visit to A.C. Flora left quite an impression on not just Page and Bacon, but the school staff and administration.

"We didn't get a chance to talk," the 6-foot-4, 295-pound Page said. "I just shook his hand. It was great seeing him and knowing he is that interested in me to come by the school."

Weis and Notre Dame quarterback coach Ron Powlus were at A.C. Flora for a couple hours.

"He was dazed for a couple days, I think it was kind of surreal for him," Bacon said. "(Weis) told Kenneth that he was glad to meet him and he has heard a lot about him.

"He came in and talked with the coaches and principal, and made a real good impression on everyone in the school. He is a very articulate guy and is very excited about Notre Dame and everything that they're doing. He talked about what they had to do to win a National Championship and made that a point to everyone. He is very cordial and said that Kenneth is the type of kid they need at Notre Dame. Very impressive."

Page, who holds offers from the likes of Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, Nebraska and Oklahoma, earned those scholarship offers with his impressive play on film. When these coaches finally get a chance to see Page in person, like they have through the first week of spring football, they come away even more impressed.

Notre Dame assistant coach Bill Lewis is handling Page's recruitment and made a visit to A.C. Flora the week before Weis did. Lewis was there to introduce himself and give Page the eyeball test. He passed with flying colors.

"Coach Lewis sized him up and was like wow," Bacon said.

"This kid is a big kid, really developed in his upper body and he is still growing," Bacon said. Page can bench press 325 pounds and squat 450 pounds. "A lot of that baby fat he had as a freshman and sophomore is gone, he is much more developed than most of the kids his size and age."

Lewis and Page keep in touch at least a couple times a week through text messaging.

Bacon said that Page got a letter recently saying he is one of the finalists to be selected to play in the U.S. Army All-American game. At the U.S. Army National Combine this past January in San Antonio, Page was named all-combine second team among a lot of the nation's best prep juniors.

Most college programs including Notre Dame envision Page lining up as a guard for them on the next level. A.C. Flora's starting right tackle, this spring Page has been getting a lot of reps at guard, because of depth concerns along the team's offensive line. Page played just a few downs at guard last season.

In A.C. Flora's offense, both the tackles and the guards do a lot of pulling, so the main difference for Page is in pass protection.

"At guard I can be a bit more physical and not have to worry about getting beat to the outside," Page said. He is also working at nose guard and defensive end. "At tackle you can't be as aggressive. You can't go get them, you have to let them come to you. At guard I can be more aggressive.

"I like tackle better but that is the position I've always played. If I played guard my whole life I'd probably feel the same way about that. But I'll be happy as long as I'm on the field."

This summer, Page will begin to narrow down the list of schools in deciding who's field he will eventually be playing on.

"I'm really trying by the end of the summer to get it down to a top 10," Page said.

This summer, Page plans to visit Notre Dame, if not for camp, but just to check out the University. Top Stories