Several Top Coaches Visit Sabino

Notre Dame already has a strong group of linebackers committed for the 2008 recruiting class, but they would like to add a fourth. Etienne Sabino from Dr. Michael M. Krop High School (Miami, Fla.) is definitely a prospect the Irish would like to bring into the class. He has scholarship offers from most of the top programs and the Irish are in the mix.

Etienne Sabino (6-foot-3, 230 pounds) has over 25 scholarship offers, and colleges coaches from around the country are pouring into his high school. Despite the all the attention Sabino is taking everything in stride.

"The recruiting process is getting more and more complicated," Sabino responded when asked about his scholarship offers. "I've had a lot of coaches stop by and watch spring ball. It's been fun.

"Charlie Weis has been in. Urban Meyer is coming in. Nick Saban is supposed to be in next week and USC is supposed to be bringing their whole coaching staff down. It's been crazy. I've never had this much attention, but it feels good. I'm enjoying it. It's a little overwhelming, but in the end I know that I'll be happy.

"I have a hectic schedule with night school and practice," Sabino said. "I'm currently enrolled in night school. I'm working on graduating in December. I had planned on it and I just got the okay from my principal. I'm taking English IV now and I'm going to have to take my second year of Spanish this summer."

Sabino didn't have a chance to speak with Charlie Weis when Weis checked in at his school, but Etienne has spoken with the Notre Dame head coach on a couple of occasions.

"When coach Weis stopped by it was more of a ‘Hey how are you doing.' because he couldn't talk to me," Sabino explained. "We've spoken on the phone a few times though. He's a real cool guy. I didn't expect him to be as down to earth as he is. When you see him on TV you'd think he's strict, but he's real down to earth. He has his rules, and he expects you to perform a certain way, but he has his cool side as well.

"I talk to coach Brown almost every day. He keeps it real. He keeps me updated with everything. Every time someone commits he lets me know. If I ask him a question he doesn't sugar coat things, he'll tell me the truth. That's hard to find, especially in recruiting. Most recruiters are going to tell me what I want to hear. He's very straightforward with me and I respect that a lot."

Although Sabino is keeping an open mind when it comes to his college options, several schools are beginning to break from the pack.

" I don't have a set top five, but Notre Dame is definitely up there," Sabino commented. "North Carolina, USC, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio State, Miami, Florida, LSU, Georgia Tech are probably up there as well.

"I'm going to take a few unofficial visits to help narrow things down. I'm trying to plan a trip up to Notre Dame now, but I'm not sure of the dates yet. I'm also planning on taking a trip to Georgia, Georgia Tech and Tennessee. Right now we're trying to see which one we're going to do first.

"I'd like to have my top five by the beginning of my season," Sabino said. "I should have a decision by the middle of my season. I want to take my time and find the right school. I need to do my research and find my top schools. I always say that academics are a big part of my decision and I want a good mixture of both. I'm going to have to look hard at my options and see where I feel most comfortable. I need to feel good with the coaching staff, because I'm going to be around them for four or five years."

As a junior, Sabino registered 131 tackles and eight sacks. Top Stories