Bennett Hits The Books

Jimmy Bennett would like to have his first two years of high school back. The talented offensive tackle from West Potomac High in Alexandria, Va., didn't take his first two years in the classroom seriously. After accumulating a 2.0 GPA his freshman and sophomore years, the four-star player has 3.7 GPA in the classroom for his junior year.

Bennett earned an SAT score to match his rising GPA, an 1120 in math and verbal, and a 1630 overall.

"I had senioritis as a freshman," Bennett said with a laugh.

With the 6-foot-8, 275-pound Jimmy Bennett coming on as of late academically, Notre Dame has kept him on its radar. Irish assistant coach Ron Powlus and Bennett, who already holds scholarship offers from Penn State, Clemson, Maryland, Michigan State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, North Carolina State, Connecticut, and Kent State, keep in touch once a week. Powlus dropped by West Potomac last week.

"He is a cool guy," Bennett said. "He is really laid back. He is not one of the coaches harping on how their school is the best. I played there and I was good. He says it would be nice to have you.

"He explained to me why I didn't have an offer. He wanted to offer me a scholarship but the whole grades thing.

"I think they are just waiting until next year. I don't think they are waiting for tape, I think they are just waiting for grades."

Bennett is going to wait to commit. For now he is just hitting the books and taking the recruiting process in stride.

"I have no list of favorites," Bennett said. "It's hard for me to narrow it down. Schools keep coming. I can't give you a list of favorites."

Bennett did say that the one school he is really hoping to offer that he doesn't already have a scholarship from is Notre Dame.

Bennett is a two-year starter, and this past season he was named to the Washington Post's prestigious All-Met team. Also named to that team was incoming Irish freshman Andrew Nuss and receiver Arrelious Benn.

West Potomac does not keep track of pancake blocks.

"I've been trying to get them to do it," Bennett said. "I've led the team the past two years. They guesstimated I had over 100 pancakes this year, and 75 the year before.

Bennett's strengths and weaknesses: "I pull a lot every game. I'm very physical when it comes to run blocking, but I'm better at pass blocking. I don't think I've given up a sack in two years. When I pass block, my guy is always in front of me. I can keep distance between us because, I have such long arms. It's hard for me to get lower because I'm taller when I run block."

Bennett made an unofficial visit to Notre Dame for the Purdue game last season and loved the campus. His father is from Fort Wayne, Ind., and grew up a Notre Dame fan.

"I want to go back up there this fall when it's nice," Bennett said.

Bennett is hoping that another good semester his senior year will result in a scholarship offer from Notre Dame. Top Stories