Irish Looking At McAdoo

The May evaluation period is when coaching staffs hit the road in order to discover prospects that they hadn't known about previously. Defensive end Michael McAdoo from Antioch High School (Tenn.) appears to be one of the recruits that has caught the attention of the Notre Dame staff, and McAdoo is hoping the Irish continue to stay in touch.

Notre Dame is off to a strong start with recruiting, but that doesn't mean that the staff can rest easy. The Irish coaching staff has been on the road since spring practice ended. One of the goals of the May evaluation period is to solidify relationships and turn up new prospects. A new name to keep an eye on is Michael McAdoo (6-foot-7, 220 pounds)

"The past couple weeks Notre Dame has been in touch with me," McAdoo responded when asked about his contact with Notre Dame. "It was a surprise. They came to my school and talked to my coach. They said that they hadn't seen a defensive end like me. They said that I was very athletic. They told me that they're going to look at my highlight tape and that they wanted to see my test score. After that they said that they'd be back in touch with me.

"I'd love to go to Notre Dame. I know the academics are real good and they have a real good football team. When they first got in touch with me I was surprised and that's when I started researching them. I know they just signed Golden Tate.

"I'm excited about Notre Dame," McAdoo said. "I never thought that I'd be recruited by a big school like that. It feels good. It's a little strange. I think about it when I'm working out or going onto the field. It just makes me want to work that much harder."

McAdoo is a unique athlete. Last year he was named all-state in both football and basketball. He wouldn't mind playing both in college, but his favorite sport is played on grass.

"I'm getting letters for basketball, but I get more for football," McAdoo explained. "I'd like to play both in college, but I like football a lot. On Friday nights I bring 100 percent to the field. I play each game likes its my last game. My first step off the ball is very quick…that's my strength. I get off the ball and I have really good speed."

McAdoo has several scholarship offers, and there are several other big-time programs that are starting to take interest in him.

"Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Middle Tennessee State are recruiting hard. They've all offered me a scholarship," McAdoo said. "Tennessee just came by my school to look at me and South Carolina is also recruiting me.

"I went down to Vanderbilt for their spring game. I like their campus. They're a good academic school as well. Academics will play a big role in my decision…it's my No.1 thing.

"I'm just taking recruiting one step at a time," he said. "I should probably have a better idea of who my top schools are by the first couple games of my senior year. I'd like to take a couple official visits and then make a decision."

Last season McAdoo had 36 tackles, 13 sacks, 4 knockdowns, and 12 tackles for a loss. Top Stories