Robinson Has The Irish Among His Leaders

Notre Dame has signed six players from Florida with the last two recruiting classes. Half of those prospects have been offensive linemen. This year the Irish have their eye on another Florida lineman, Steven Robinson from Lincoln High School (Tallahassee, Fla.)

Steven Robinson (6-foot-3, 307 pounds) never really expected Notre Dame to express interest in him, but when they did, the Irish grabbed his attention.

"When I got my first letter from Notre Dame I couldn't believe it," Robinson responded when asked about his interest in the Irish. "It was a school that I wasn't really thinking about, and I was surprised that they were interested in me. I started doing some research and I just started liking them.

"It's good school and they produce great offensive linemen. I just think it's a real cool school. It seems like a program that I can fit into. They have a good tradition. I love their uniforms, I love their fans and I love their stadium. They play smart football. I can just see myself playing there.

"I know their graduation rate is real high," Robinson said. "I'm looking at my future. I'm might have a chance to go to the pros one day, but I can't count on that. I want to get a great education and I feel that Notre Dame can offer that. It's just a good school.

"I've talked to coach Parmalee twice and he just came up to one of our practices. He said that they really like me, and they want to offer me, but they want to wait for my ACT score. I want to come up for a visit this summer, and I'm looking forward to that."

Robinson has accumulated nearly 25 scholarship offers. Although the Irish haven't offered him, Steven lists Notre Dame among his favorite schools.

"Notre Dame, Georgia, Auburn, Florida State, Miami, Iowa, LSU, Florida are just some of the schools I'm thinking about," Robinson said. "I haven't really broken things down yet. I want to get a feel for some of the schools, so I'm going to take some visits. I've already I've been to Auburn and June 2, I'm supposed to be going up to Georgia.

"I'm not stressing things at all. I want to see the schools and see what they have to offer. I'll narrow it down to at least three by the end of the summer and then I'd like to have a decision by the middle of my season."

Robinson plays on both sides of the football for Lincoln, and there are several programs that haven't decided which position he'll play at the next level. Regardless of where he settles in, Steven will give maximum effort.

"I work hard on and off the field," Robinson explained. "I work hard to be successful in football. My success didn't just happen. I've always worked hard lifting weights. I try to play with an aggressive attitude and I just want to knock somebody's head off. Football is a contact sport and you have to play it that way. When I drill someone it gets my blood flowing.

"I'm a different person on and off the field. When I'm on the field, the guy across from me can be my friend, but when its game time, he's my enemy. I have to feel like I'm fighting for something. I don't want my quarterback to be touched and the man in front of me isn't going to touch him." Top Stories