Pribula narrowing his list

<P>Offensive line is a key position for this recruiting class. Notre Dame needs tackle prospects and one player they are hot after is Strongsville Ohio's Dan Pribula. Is Dan interested in Notre Dame? </P>

I spoke to Dan's Dad last night as Dan was out with his buddies. I asked how Dan was doing and if he set any official visits yet. "He hasn't set any official visits yet. We have decided that he needs to focus on his school work and his season. We have limited the phone calls to twice a week so that is giving him a break to focus on what he needs to do. We told all the coaches so that has limited it somewhat."

I asked his Dad what their plans were for recruiting. "Dan is taking 9 credits at a college here so that is keeping him busy. We want to go to a few games this year but with the football schedule, it's tough to get to these games. We are trying to get to a couple of games but I am not sure which games we will go to yet. He should start setting up his official visits in November. He is starting to narrow it down but he is not sure which schools he is down to yet."

Comments. Dan's Dad and I talked about the ND/Michigan game and the NU/Penn State game for a while. Dan's Dad graduated from Penn State and I expect them to be in this race. I also think ND has a good shot as well. These are just my opinions from the conversations I have had with Dan and his Dad in the past. Top Stories