Wisconsin OL still weighing options

<P>Notre Dame needs a left tackle in this class. Brookfield Wisconsin's Joe Thomas is a player they would really like to have. Thomas camped at Notre Dame this summer and ran a 4.79 40 yard dash. Will he visit Notre Dame? </P>

"My team is 2-1 right now. My coach doesn't keep stats really. He doesn't have a grading system for offensive lineman. I am not sure what my stats would be."

I asked Joe what his plans were for setting visits. "I haven't really decided who I will visit yet. I have been to Notre Dame twice and I have been to Wisconsin many times so I am not sure I will visit either school. I am not sure I will take all 5 visits but I might. The other schools I am interested in are USC, Purdue, Nebraska, Iowa, Northwestern and Michigan."

Joe said his top two hasn't changed however. "It's pretty much Notre Dame and Wisconsin. I would say either team leads. I am still interested in other schools but I would say these are my top two at this time."

Thomas said he would like to go to some college football games this year but he has Saturday practices most of the season. He does plan to make a couple but he is not sure which games he will go to.

Comments. Not much going on with Joe. I do think he will take a couple of visits. I am sure both Notre Dame and Wisconsin are going to push him very hard to set up a visit. I am going to guess he will end up visiting both schools officially. I still think it will come down to either Notre Dame of Wisconsin.

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