California WR interested in Irish

<P>Notre Dame already has two wide receiver recruits in this class. They will likely take another and they will be looking for a guy with speed for this scholarship. One player they would love to land is Los Angeles' Mark Bradford. </P>

I finally caught up with Mark Bradford and he is a great kid. This was my first conversation with Bradford and I was impressed with him. Mark has played a game but has been limited with an ankle injury. "I played at about 75% last week so I only played one way. I will be about 95% this week so I should play both ways."

Bradford is 6-2 185 pounds and ran a 4.41 at the Nike camp this year. All schools are recruiting him as a wide receiver. I asked Mark which schools he is the most interested in right now. "I am looking at USC and UCLA but I have been there so many times that I doubt I will visit them officially. The other schools I am interested and might visit are Notre Dame, Stanford, Washington, LSU, Michigan State and Oregon."

Mark and I talked about college football for a while and I asked him who has impressed him so far this year. "I didn't have a lot of time to watch yesterday. I watched the highlights. Notre Dame and Oregon has impressed me. USC is definitely impressive as well."

Mark said he has spoken to a few schools about visiting but hasn't set up any visits yet. "I have talked to LSU, Stanford and Oregon about visiting but I am not sure which schools I will visit. I will narrow it down soon, I should schedule my visits in a month or so.

I asked Bradford what was important to him in making his decision. "I am going to look at everything. I am looking for a perfect fit. The coaches, players, education, the program, I am looking for the perfect fit. Location isn't going to be a factor. If it feels right, that is the school for me.

Comments. Mark seems pretty open right now. I don't he has a problem leaving at all. Notre Dame has made an impression but I think they have a ways to go yet. Once the coaches start working on Mark, I think they could have a shot at this player. He is wide open right now but Notre Dame has impressed him so far. It will be a long time before we know what Mark will do. Top Stories