Filer Is Looking At All of His Options

Steven Filer from Mt. Carmel High School (Chicago, Ill.) is one of the top linebackers in the country and he has been at the top of Notre Dame's priority list since he landed his scholarship offer on September 1. Filer has a lot of college options and he's going to take his time before he makes his decision.

Notre Dame has three commitments from linebacker prospects, and it is likely they will take at least one more. The Irish would like the fourth linebacker to be Steve Filer (6-foot-2, 215 pounds), but he isn't going to rush into a decision.

"Notre Dame came to school to see me," Filer responded when asked about his contact with Notre Dame. "The first time it was Charlie Weis and coach Ianello. The second time coach Ianello and coach Brown came. I talked to coach Brown yesterday. I don't talk to them a lot, but they text me a lot. I'll call every once in a while just to check in. I don't really think I need to talk to them that much, because I know Notre Dame has great interest in me.

"Coach Weis really hasn't ever told me how many linebackers that they have committed or how many they are going to take because he told me that I would have my scholarship no matter what, so he knows that that wouldn't make me worried.

"The number of linebackers that they have really doesn't affect my decision at all," Filer said. "I feel confident that I'm going to play no matter what. I feel that I'll play because of the player that I am and how competitive that I am. Even so, Charlie Weis has told me that I have my offer no matter what. He said that I have no reason to rush, because my offer is always on the table."

Notre Dame isn't the only school chasing Filer either. He has plenty of options and those schools have been making an appearance at his high school.

"There have been a decent amount of coaches that have come through; Notre Dame, Ohio State, USC, Wisconsin, Stanford, Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado… a bunch really," Filer said. "When a head coach comes to my school it shows how much interest they have in you. It shows that they think highly of you if they're head coach is taking the time to visit you. I'm still listening to coaches that want to recruit me. I think it helps my teammates, because we get more coaches that see them when they come and see me.

"I'm still open. I'm collecting information [on colleges] at this time. When I get to the late stages of the recruiting process, I'll look into the smaller details of the programs to help me with my decision. Right now I'm looking at a broad range of things schools have. A lot schools have the broad details that I'm looking for, but there probably aren't many that have the smaller details that I'm looking for.

"I think I'll take all five of my official visits," Filer said. "I'm not sure when I'll take them, whatever is convenient for me. I might take some during the season, I might not. I'm really not sure. I think it will depend on how my team feels and how my coaches feel about it." Top Stories