Attention Annual Subscribers

Please note that there will be a price change to your subscription beginning May 30th, 2007.

All current annual subscribers will be scheduled to renew their Annual Subscription on their subscription anniversary date at the new subscription price of $119.95 (TAP PLUS). This annual subscription WILL include the magazine (10 issues per year), the two Scout Recruiting Yearbooks as well as all the current additional items included in the subscription. We will also be offering an additional Annual Subscription that DOES NOT include the magazine or the Scout Recruiting Yearbooks for the price $89.95 (TAP).

Because your current Annual Subscription includes the magazine, you will automatically renew at the $119.95 price point that includes the magazine. If you DO NOT want the magazine in your Annual Subscription, you must call the Scout Sales Center at 888.501.5752 between 7am-5pm PST (M-F) and tell them you want the Annual Subscription at $89.95 that does NOT INCLUDE the Magazine or Recruiting Yearbooks. Scout will then cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe you at the $89.95 price. Even though you will be canceling your current subscription, your subscription will remain active until your anniversary date, and at that time, your new subscription will begin.

To see the different subscription options, click here:

So, to be clear, if you want to continue to receive the Magazine with your Annual Subscription, do nothing and you'll be renewed at the $119.95 price on your anniversary date. If you DO NOT want to receive the Magazine with your annual subscription, you must call the Scout Sales Center to resubscribe at the new $89.95 price.

IMPORTANT........For those of you who were due to be billed for your annual subscription between April 20th and May 30th, your credit card has been held from being billed to give you an opportunity to make a decision as to which subscription offer you would like to choose. If you elect the $89.95 subscription price, you have until 4pm PST on May 29th to call the Sales Center and make that election. If you do not call the Sales Center by that time, your credit card will be charged at the $119.95 price.

For those of you whose subscription does not renew until later in the year, please wait before calling the Sales Center so that those who are rebilling in the near future or on May 30th, can get through first.

You can check your subscription renewal date by clicking here:

Remember.......if you want the $89.95 Annual Subscription, you must call the Sales Center before your anniversary date.

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