Brett Nagel Continues To Add Offers

Brett Nagel has seen his offer list grow during the month of May, but he's still looking for the Irish to extend him an invitation. The standout athlete from Lamont high school (Ill.) could play several positions once he reaches college, but the Irish have been looking at him at linebacker.

Although Notre Dame has three commitments at linebacker and several more offers on the table, Brett Nagel (6-foot-3, 220 pounds) hasn't given up on them. Likewise, the Irish would still like to get a closer look to see what he can do at linebacker.

"I just went to a camp at Maine South High School and I saw [Ianello] and coach Brown there," Nagel explained when asked about his contact with the Notre Dame coaching staff. "It was a QB1 camp and I went as a tight end. I did pretty good overall, but Notre Dame is recruiting me as a linebacker, so I'm not sure it helped me out. There were a lot of college coaches there. I think there were about 70 colleges there.

"Coach Ianello was in school on Monday. When he came in, he said that he wanted me to come to their one-day camp, so I think I'm going to do that. I still text him off and on. We go back and forth every now and then, but we don't talk all the time."

If the Irish don't extend a scholarship offer, Nagel will have plenty of options. This week he received offer No. 11.

"I'm still getting offers, so they're still coming in," Nagel said "I definitely have more options to look at. I'm definitely going to go to the Notre Dame camp, which I think will be good. I'll be able to show them what I've got and then they can decide if they want to offer me."

"I think I'm visiting Iowa this weekend. It's just going to be an unofficial visit. I know that they've been to our school a couple times. I know it's a good football program year in and year out. They always have guys going into the draft. My teammate, Graham Pocic, went there for a junior day and he said everything was pretty awesome.

"I'm still talking to most of the schools that are recruiting me," Nagel explained. "I have offers from Northwestern, Purdue, Stanford, Indiana, Colorado, Colorado State, Vanderbilt, Michigan State, Kansas State, Air Force and Iowa State. I haven't narrowed anything down at all. I want to see what happens the next couple weeks and then I'll start to narrow the schools down.

"Northwestern and Stanford are probably recruiting me the hardest. Jim Harbaugh was just at my school and another Stanford coach was in last week. We visited Stanford in February or March. I like it a lot out there. The fact that my cousin Coby Fleener is going there helps a little as well. It would be cool to school with him, but I don't know if it would make that much of a difference."

Brett has also made trips to Notre Dame, Michigan State and Northwestern. Two other Big Ten school have also hosted Nagel.

"I went to Purdue one day and then we drove down to Indiana the next day," Nagel said. "I liked Indiana a lot. We watched a scrimmage. It was real intense, and I liked the coaches. I liked coach (Billy) Lynch and coach (Mike) Yeager. Coach Yeager is my recruiting coach and he seemed like a really cool guy.

"Indiana is doing a big renovation on their stadium and doing some work on their facilities. They showed us the layout of how things are going to be and it looked like it was going to be really cool."

Once Nagel is done making trips to Iowa and Notre Dame he feels he'll be ready to make his college decision.

"Once I get back from Notre Dame I'll see where everyone stands," he explained. "I'll narrow things down and then I'll probably commit some time in June." Top Stories