Sullivan narrowing down the list

<P>Offensive center is a need position this year and the Irish are hoping that John Sullivan can fill that position. Sullivan has been to Notre Dame on an unofficial visit. Does he plan to vist Notre Dame officially? </P>

"I have set any official visits yet. I will probably wait until the end of the season to take my visits. I don't think I will take any visits during the season. We play some Saturdays so I don't have much time to get out there. I would love to go to some games but I am kind of limited to games around my area. I went to the Maryland/FSU game last week."

John did talk about the schools he would visit for sure. "I know I will visit Boston College, Notre Dame and Michigan for sure. Miami, North Carolina, Maryland and Penn State are the others that I am looking at."

Sullivan said this decision could take a while. "It could take until late January. It all depends on when I set up my visits. If I go to a school that feels right, I will commit but I am not sure when that will happen. I just need to set up and my visits and see how they go. Once I am sure, I will pick a school."

Comments. I think ND is in good shape here. Sullivan grew up a Notre Dame fan. He is a smart kid. I think he wants to take his visits and see what else is out there. I do think he will take at least visits before he decides. Top Stories