Cwynar Is Building For the Future

Notre Dame just received a big commitment on the defensive front from Omar Hunter, but one of the most important players in this recruiting class, committed to the Irish back in March. Sean Cwynar of Marian Central Catholic (Woodstock, Ill.) is a top-100 recruit and he was the first defensive lineman to jump on board with the 2008 recruiting class.

The Notre Dame staff is building a strong defensive front with this recruiting class. Sean Cwynar (6-foot-4, 270 pounds) is one of the best defensive linemen in the country, and he'll be counted on to step in and fortify the Irish front.

"I'm just working out and trying to get ready for next season," Cwynar responded hen asked about his spring activities. "I've dropped some weight. I was around 285 pounds and now I'm around 270 pounds. I'm going to be playing the defensive end which has outside contain, so I have to be quick in order to do that. That's what coach Brown wants, so that's what I'm working on. He said that I'd have plenty of time to bulk up, but right now he wanted me to be lean and as quick as I can be. So, right now, I‘m just working on my speed and agility.

"I'm working with a speed trainer, Dave Davis. I'm doing a lot of speed and agility work to help my foot quickness. I was doing it with my friend Bryan Bulaga, my teammate who is going to Iowa. He's leaving for Iowa, so I've been doing it by myself the past couple weeks.

"I'm still lifting four days a week, so the muscle is still there," Cwynar said. "But it's all about getting leaner and faster. We have a program through our school that's really good. I'm pleased with it, and I think you see a lot of good results. Once I get to Notre Dame they can build me up and work on adding the bulk they want.

"I also just started working with a technique trainer for defensive ends, Jace Saylor. He played at Michigan State and for the New England Patriots when coach Weis was there. My schedule is really starting to get full, but I'm really excited about the defensive end training. I think he'll be able to give me a head start and get some of the basics out of he way."

All the work Cwynar is doing will help him have a monster final senior season at Marian Catholic, but the Notre Dame coaches have to be excited about the player that will show up on their door-step.

"I've been in contact with the coaches pretty regularly," Sean explained. "Coach Brown texts me fairly often. I talk to coach Ianello fairly often. I just talked to him. I did miss coach Weis' call the other day because I was busy. We stay in contact with them, It's not like they've neglected me since I've committed. I've got a good relationship built with them and I really like the guys a lot.

"I've been going over to South Bend fairly often. I like talking to the players. I like to keep in contact with the players that are already committed. I like to go over and hang out with Braxston [Cave] and Darius [Fleming]. They're going to be my teammates for the next four or five years, and I think we've built a good relationship.

"I pretty much talk to all of the guys that have committed. We all hung out with [Mike] Golic when he's come up. I stay in touch with [Lane] Clelland on-line. I talk to [Anthony] McDonald, and [David] Posluszny, they're both really cool guys. I talk to Brandon Newman, of course. I like them all really, they're all good guys.

"I thought Brandon's commitment did a lot for our class," Cwynar said. "He's a big guy that can help us on the defensive front. His commitment was crucial in the fact that we really needed a big, strong guy upfront that can anchor the line in the middle. He's going to be an outstanding nose guard and when we go to the 4-man front, he'll be a tough defensive tackle. I was really excited about his commitment.

"Even though we only have one five-star recruit, I think we have a great class. They're all good guys, and good players. I'm not really worried about the rankings. I'm confident in the guys that we have. On the defensive side of the ball, I think we could add another defensive end, hopefully a weak-side defensive end type guy that can help rush the passer. I think we probably need another linebacker and some defensive backs." Top Stories