Compton Turns Heads At Irish Camp

Summer football camps always uncover at least one rising star, and the Notre Dame elite football camp held last weekend did just that. Linebacker Will Compton from North County High School (Bonne Terre, Mo.) showed up ready to compete and in the process he caught the attention of the Irish football staff.

Will Compton (6-foot-1.5, 220 pounds) isn't a new name to the Irish coaching staff, but he certainly grabbed their attention with a stellar performance at the Notre Dame football camp.

"Last summer I went to their camp and I went on an unofficial visit when they faced North Carolina," Compton responded when asked about his contact with the Notre Dame staff. "I grew up a Notre Dame fan, but that was the first game that I went to. I pretty much grew up a Notre Dame fan, because I went to I went to a Catholic school. My interest in Notre Dame is very high right now. I've been on their radar, but I wouldn't say that I've been a high level recruit.

"Coach Ianello kept in touch with me and they asked me to come down to their camp so they could evaluate me. They wanted to see me again, because the last time they saw me I was a rising junior.

"During the camp Coach Weis was in his golf cart watching me," Compton said. "There was only one time I screwed up and he told me to go again. He kept putting me through drills. I knew they were ready to work with me and evaluate me. I knew my stock was going to rise or drop. Pretty much, I was looking at it rising or nothing. It seemed like all the coaches knew my name, so I knew that was a good sign and that felt good.

"Coach Ianello said I raised my stock a bunch. He took me over to coach Weis and coach Weis said that I performed well and he said that he was going to watch my film. He said that I was a heck of a ball player. He said that they were going to have a recruiting meeting and then get back to me. I got the call [Tuesday], it wasn't the best news, but they said that I was the next guy in line. They've been text messaging ever since, and asking me to be patient with them. I really wanted that offer, but it didn't work out like that.

"The situation is that they have three committed linebackers and they're going to take five," Will explained. "They have three other offers out there. They're the top three linebackers on the board and I'm No. 4. If one of them drops off, or commits somewhere else, I'll get an offer. Being next in line still feels good. I know the guys in front of me are top guys and the best in the country, but if one of them drops out, I think that offer will come my direction."

Despite the accolades of the other prospects Notre Dame is pursing, Will believes he can compete with them.

"Every player that knows they're good doesn't want to be put in this position, because they know that they can hang with the best," Compton said. "I know all the guys in front of me are top-100 players, but I know that I can compete with them.

"Coach Brown and coach Ianello keep telling me to be patient, because I'm in a good position. I'm kind of in a rebound situation. If any of the other guys decide to do anything different. I should get the offer. Coach Brown has text messaged me and he's just telling me to be patient. He tells me that I'm his type of guy, so we'll see."

Notre Dame isn't the only school that has jumped in late with Compton. His first offer came from Illinois just over a month ago.

"Illinois was my first offer, sometime in April," Compton explained. "Now I have offers from Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Wake Forest and Northwestern. I probably can get more offers now that my name is out there, but I really don't need any more. I'm starting to break down schools anyway, and the schools that wanted to offer me have offered. I'll probably narrow things down to five schools at the end of the month or at the beginning of July.

"I think it all the attention came when I won the linebacker MVP at the Nike camp. Once I walked away from that camp, I thought that the college coaches would find out how good I really am. That really put me on the map. There were over 150 college coaches there. I've always felt that I could play Division I football and it's just been a process of working hard and getting my name out there. Hopefully it all pays off in the end." Top Stories