In the Film Room: Michael Golic, Jr.

Players like Michael Golic Jr. are never going to be ranked very high in national rankings. Michael doesn't possess one trait that jumps at you. He isn't a huge player. He isn't a tremendous athlete. He isn't immensely strong. What makes Michael a good player is the fact he is solid across the board, and if you listen to his high school coach, he is a tremendously smart football player.

The center position revolves a great deal around technique, smarts, and attitude. Golic is solid in all of those areas.

While I don't see him having a frame to get much more than 300 pounds, Golic does possess a very nice frame. He is pretty light right now, but I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up at Notre Dame weighing at least 280 pounds. His long arms should suite him well at the center position. He is able to get his butt in the air, which will allow the quarterback to be taller under center, without having to lift. Golic is light right now and needs to add lower body strength. The upper body strength will come as he continues to grow into his frame and physically matures. It's going to take time for him to develop physically, but he does have the frame to do it. At the center position you don't need to be a 300-pounder. Guys like John Sullivan, Dan Mozes, and Ryan Kalil all excelled in college playing between 275-290 pounds. Remember Rick Kaczenski, a former starting center at ND, played at around 260 pounds.

As you would expect with the son of a former NFL football player, Golicl has very good technique. Right now he makes his living off of outstanding technique and great effort. Undersized players must play with good leverage and always maintain a good base. These are two strengths for Michael. For such a tall kid playing against much smaller competition, its impressive how Golic is able to play with such good leverage. As mentioned previously, he also plays with a great base. Michael never loses proper stance or allows himself to get too wide or too narrow. These two attributes will allow him to hold up well against bigger and stronger players.

Golic is very good in space. He works well to the second level. He doesn't leave the down defender too soon, quickly works up to the second level, and never loses his base or balance as he engages the second-level defender. Hel gets into defenders quickly and does a very good job with his hands. He does a very good job of staying engaged and extending his arms. His hand quickness, as mentioned previously, suites the center position very well. As a snapper, he excels. His shotgun snaps get back quickly but not hard, which is what a QB wants. It's a very catchable snap. As discussed before, he is solid at snapping consistently and then getting into the defender. There were a number of clips of his long-snapping and he was impressive.

I've often found with high school players they are more advanced in the run game than they are in the pass game. That's not true with Golicl. He is very advanced and solid as a pass protector. He does all the things well that make a good pass blocker. He plays with a great base and stays light on his feet. He shows good foot quickness and ability to mirror the defenders. He also keeps his hands moving as the defenders twist, stunt, and attempt to get around him. Hel does a great job of passing off and reacting to various twists and stunts.

I would say foot quickness is Golic's strongest physical attribute. He possesses good overall quickness and a great first step at the snap. He is very fast off the ball getting out of his stance and into the defender, which is vital for a center. Hel has very fast hands. He snaps quickly and is great at shooting with his hands, resetting, and shooting again. Hel also has great hips and bends well. This plays into his ability to play with such a great base all the time. Finally, hel plays with a great motor and plays to the whistle.

Michael Golic isn't going to wow anyone with one particular physical skill. He doesn't wow you with tremendous size, or the frame to get to 320 pounds. He isn't a Top 100 football player on anyone's rankings. But he is a very good football player whose best days are without a doubt in front of him. He has the frame to get bigger and stronger. Combine that with his great technique and quickness and you have the makings for a potentially solid football player. What hel lacks in great size or athleticism he makes up for with smarts, technique, and great effort. I would imagine it's going to take a couple of years for Michael to develop physically and as a football player. But I won't be surprised if Michael ends up starting at center for the Fighting Irish for at least two seasons. Top Stories