McDonald Still Excited About Notre Dame

Notre Dame fans are excited about the early recruiting results for the 2008 class. Linebacker Anthony McDonald from Notre Dame high school (Sherman Oaks, Calif.) is one of the players that has already committed to the Irish and he is as excited as anyone about his future teammates.

Anthony McDonald (6-foot-3, 220 pounds) committed to Notre Dame two months go, but that doesn't mean the Notre Dame staff will put him on the back burner. According to Anthony they are in contact with him frequently.

"I speak mainly with coach Polian and coach Brown," McDonald responded when asked about his contact with the Notre Dame coaches. "They came by the school in May. I keep in touch with them fairly often. I think they do a good job of keeping in touch with me.

"I just talked to coach Polian the other day on the phone. He said that he's really happy with how things are going with recruiting. Obviously we have a really good recruiting class so far, and we have the potential to have one of the best recruiting classes in the country. He's really pumped up about it and so is coach Brown."

"I heard about Omar Hunter committing," McDonald said. "It's great to have another huge defensive tackle in front of me. I met Brandon Newman when I made my trip to Notre Dame this spring. Brandon is a big kid."

McDonald is pumped to be a part of the Notre Dame tradition. He's as committed to the program today as he was when he made his decision.

"I still have some schools that try to talk to me, but I tell them that I'm committed to Notre Dame," McDonald said. "I thank them for their time and tell them that I found the place that I want to be.

"Notre Dame is a family community. The vibe I got there made me feel like I fit in perfectly. I just felt at home when I was there. Everything felt perfect. If it didn't I wouldn't have committed. The experience that you get up there with the academics and the football combined can't be beat. The legacy and tradition of the football program is amazing with eleven national championships, Knute Rockne and the Four Horsemen. It's just an amazing place and I feel honored to be a part of it.

Anthony would like to meet all of his future teammates as soon as possible, but he might not make it back to the Notre Dame campus until late in the year.

"I'm not sure if I'll be able to make any games this fall," McDonald explained. "We have our games on Friday night and then we actually have practice on Saturday morning. We watch film from the night before and do some sprinting. I might try to fit my official in for a game, but I don't think we have a bye week. If that doesn't work out Dayne [Crist] and I will probably take our official visit right after our season ends.

"I've been training really hard for next season, so that we can win a state championship. I'm staying in shape and trying to get stronger and faster. I'm doing a lifting program that our lifting coach has us doing. We do a lot of Olympic lifts and we work really hard in the weight room. I'm working on my speed, because you can never be too fast.

"I love to workout," he said. "Next to football it's my favorite thing to do. I have my own weight room in my back yard. My dad built it so he could workout in the off-season when he played with the Rams. Everyday I'll go out there and workout. I'm always working to be the biggest guy in the gym. I'm always working to be the best." Top Stories