Goodman Is Resting After Hectic Spring

Notre Dame would like to bring in at least one more wide receiver in this recruiting class, if not two more. For now the lone receiver to commit to the Irish is John Goodman from Bishop Dwenger High School (Fort Wayne, Ind.) Goodman was one of the first prospects to join the 2008 recruiting class, and he's getting ready to meet up with some of his classmates in a few weeks.

Notre Dame's recruiting class will be one of the best in the nation, if the Irish staff can keep it together until February. John Goodman (6-foot-4, 185-pound) was one of the first recruits to pledge to the Irish and the Irish coaches are still keeping an eye on him.

"Coach Ianello and coach Brown still text me. I'll even get a text message from coach Weis every now and then," Goodman responded when asked about his contact with the Notre Dame staff. "They stay in good contact with me. They let me know that I'm still important even though I've already committed. They keep up with me, and I like that.

"I just spoke with coach Ianello on the phone about camp. I'm going to [Notre Dame] on June 24. I was supposed to go to the camp this weekend, but my hamstring is tight from track and football camp. I called the coaches and told him that my trainer wanted me to take two weeks off. So I'll be up at Notre Dame for the second camp, which will be right at the end of my two-week rest period.

"I can't wait to help recruit some of the guys that will be there for the camp," Goodman said. "I'll just help get them to like Notre Dame as much as I do. I'm going to try to recruit Mike Floyd. I'll be with him a lot. I hope we bring in another receiver, and I hope its Mike."

Goodman's legs worked overtime this spring as he qualified for the state track meet in the 100M and 4X100M relay. His 100M times had been in the 10.8-10.9 second range most of the year, but toward the end of the season, he wasn't in top form.

"I ran the 100M, 200M, 4X100M, 4X400M all year," Goodman explained. "Toward the end of the year I dropped out of the 4X400 so that I could focus on the other events. I made it to state in the 100M and our 4X100M team made it to state, so that worked out pretty well.

"My best event is actually the 200M, but I had a bad race at the regionals. If I had a good race then I would have been in, but things didn't work out. Making it to the state meet in just one event is still awesome. To get there is just really nice. I ran well, but not as good as I should have. I ran an 11.2 100M. I should have run better, but I still have next year."

Once Goodman regenerates his legs, he intends to get right back into his hectic schedule.

"I haven't really asked Notre Dame what they want me to do," Goodman said of his training. "But we're getting on the personal trainer soon. I need to add some muscle in my legs and I have the build to add some more weight. I'm going to talk to my trainer about that, because I want to add that weight while still maintaining my speed.

"I also have workouts at my school and then we have the seven-on-seven tournaments all summer. I'll definitely be busy." Top Stories