Fleming Is Excited About His Class

The Notre Dame staff is bringing in a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball. One of their top targets was Darius Fleming from St. Rita High School (Chicago, Ill.) Fleming is a big-time player with a motor that is always running.

Darius Fleming (6-foot-2, 235 pounds) had a number of top coaches from around the country tugging on his sleeve prior to his commitment, but since then the recruiting activity has settled down.

"Other than Notre Dame and Michigan, I really don't know of anybody else that came to see me," Fleming responded when asked about the coaches that made a visit to see him in May. "For the most part schools have backed off now.

"I still talk to coach Brown and coach Ianello about every other day. Really we're just checking up on one another and seeing how things are going. Lately we haven't really been talking about football, but we do talk about working out and stuff like that."

Recruiting has been going very well for Notre Dame and Darius is very excited to see the talent joining his class. He's particularly happy to see some big defensive lineman in the mix.

"Recruiting is looking good," Fleming said. "I think all those guys up front are going to be pretty good. I'm excited about that. Those guys are going to make my job a lot easier.

"I've been trying to get [Steven] Filer to join us. I haven't talked to him for a while, but one of my goals is to play with him. I think we'd play really well together. I hope he decides to go to Notre Dame, but I wish him the best in whatever he decides."

Now that classes have ended for the summer, Darius has turned his attention to the weight room.

"Right now I'm working out and trying to stay in shape," Fleming explained. "I trying to get focused and get prepared for the upcoming season. I'm working out with my high school, but I'm also working out with a personal trainer. My trainer actually works with a couple Notre Dame players, so he knows what they do. He has me doing a lot of the same things, so I'll know what to expect when I get there.

"By the start of the season I should be about 240 pounds. I'd like to get up to 245 pounds, but I doubt that I'll be able to put on ten pounds by the start of the season. With all the running that I'm doing I'll be happy with 240 pounds."

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