Arthur Brown Will Soon Talk To Corwin Brown

Summer is here and it is time for Arthur Brown,'s top-ranked player nationally, to begin building relationships with coaches at his favorite schools. That long list was recently trimmed to 23 schools, and the 6-foot-3, 225-pound linebacker has a plan. Brown will call two coaches a day, giving him the opportunity to talk with each recruiter two times a month.

Notre Dame's Corwin Brown will get his chance to make an Irish impact.

Brian Butler, the organizer of a program called Potential Players in Wichita, Kan., is Arthur Brown's trainer and mentor and is close to the situation. He says that Brown has no leaders right now, and that Notre Dame has as good a chance as any school of eventually landing the East High standout.

Brown doesn't have a cell phone, so Corwin Brown has been staying in touch with Butler, talking or texting at least one time per week.

"With a school like Notre Dame, with its prestige and history, they have a chance of impressing Arthur," Butler said.

Butler is already impressed with Corwin Brown.

"Honesty first off," Butler stated. "He seems honest and direct which is the best quality in guys recruiting. Also with his playing experience, getting on the kids level and talking to them and in my case, if I was put in any character, I'd be a parent, talking with him, he is honest and direct. With his playing experience he is able to communicate with them on a level they understand because he was a great player himself."

Brown and his 4.47 speed, had 158 tackles, eight sacks and an interception for East High last season. Notre Dame, North Carolina, Florida and Miami have been doing the best job of staying in touch according to Butler.

Butler plans to take some of his kids including Brown involved with Potential Players on a summer tour to see some college campuses if the money is there. They are having a barbecue fundraiser with a public workout this coming weekend, where Potential Players invited 10,000 people to come out and eat and watch a combine of sorts.

Notre Dame did not make the travel list, as the group is headed south. The itinerary is set, stopping at Tulane in New Orleans first. Then they will go to LSU, Florida State, Florida and Miami. From there they will hit Georgia, Georgia Tech, UAB, Alabama and Ole Miss. On their way back, they will make stops at Arkansas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. All those schools made Brown's final 23 with the exception of UAB, Tulane and Oklahoma State, but other kids on the trip may be interested in those programs.

Notre Dame would be out of the way, but could still get an unofficial visit this summer at a later date.

"What I told coach Brown was that if we raise extra money since they were the first to ask, we would come there," Butler said. "Any money we raise above that, that will be the first thing we do with that.

"This has nothing to do with interest," Butler said of the tour. "I am going to do these tours every year. Next year we are going to go more east than south, and then the year after that we'll go west. This isn't just about Arthur, there is going to be about 10 kids going. I'm just trying to get them exposure and see some things.

"Notre Dame is respectfully on Arthur's list," Butler stated. "People may not believe this, but Arthur has no favorites right now and is really looking forward to building relationships." Top Stories