In the Film Room: Kenneth Page

When I watch film of Kenneth Page two words come to mind. Those two words are "project" and "upside". Right now Kenneth Page isn't an elite offensive lineman. There are quite a few offensive linemen who today are better players. There aren't nearly as many linemen, however, who have as much upside. The South Carolina star's best playing days are ahead of him.

Although he mostly plays tackle in high school, he projects as a guard at the college level. I don't believe he has the quickness or pass blocking ability to dominate on the outside. As a guard he will be able to excel. Page has a very good frame. If you have read most of my evaluations you will know I talk about frames quite often. I like guys like Page in that although he's listed between 285 and 293 pounds, he has a softer looking body. This is actually a good thing; at least it is to me. What it tells me is that he will be able to put on more weight, has plenty of room for growth, he'll get stronger, and he'll get quicker. I love linemen with long arms, and Page didn't disappoint me here. He has very long arms and uses them very well.

Page has a nice stance at the line of scrimmage. In the run game he comes off the ball well. He stays low, keeps a good base, has good balance, doesn't lunge, and does a great job of shooting his hands. Now, about his hands, although he does a great job of using his hands, he needs quite a bit of improvement on where exactly he shoots his hands. As I mentioned, he shoots his hands well, brings them aggressively into his opponent, but he is much too wide with this hands. Often times his hands are way outside of his opponents. At this point, against high school opponents, he is big enough and strong enough to still dominate. In college he'll have to keep his hands inside and get better placement. This is a teaching technique and something that can absolutely be corrected and improved on. At times he will tend to lean forward and needs to get a little bit more bend in his knees and sink in his hips.

I like watching Page pull from his tackle position. He needs a bunch of work from a technique standpoint, but he is aggressive, does a good job of getting his eyes on the target area, and always finds someone to hit. You can tell he has good vision as he comes down the line. His technique isn't great as he shoots straight up and pulls very high. He doesn't play high when he fires off straight ahead, so I believe he'll be able to learn how to stay low as he pulls and be more ready to engage defenders with power and better balance.

The A.C. Flora lineman does a very good job in space. He seeks out opponents, is good at coming to balance, keeping a good base, and taking on defenders. Rarely does he find himself out of position and not able to get a good part of his body on the opponent. You don't always have to have a kill shot on the second level, but it's imperative that you at least get a good part of your body into him so you can either drive him or ride him out away from where you want to go.

Page is very good in the run game right now. He is naturally powerful and as I mentioned earlier he comes off the ball hard and shoots his hands well. Page also plays with very good balance and doesn't lean or lunge into his defenders. He is very good at staying engaged with defenders. Once he gets into a player they aren't going to get away from him. His feet never stop working and he finishes.

Where he will need the most work is as a pass blocker. It's easy to see that the coaches at A.C. Flora don't ask their linemen to pass block a ton. Although he gives good effort and is able to just maul guys right now, in college he will struggle early on protecting the passer. I don't ever see Kenneth having the footwork necessary to block on the edge, which is why I project him, along with everyone else, as a guard. But with his long arms, strength, good foot quickness, and effort he'll eventually be able to pass protect from the interior. His quickness won't be an issue on the interior, but his footwork will need to be improved and his pad level as he comes out of his stance will need work. Pass blocking is the most difficult thing a lineman is asked to do in my opinion. Kenneth isn't great at it now, but does have plenty of tools that with the proper coaching could become very effective. It's one of the reasons I say that although today he isn't one of the nation's elite linemen, he has the upside and potential to one day, with coaching and work, become a very good offensive lineman.

Page is a naturally strong football player. I don't know his weight room numbers but I do see a powerful football player on the field. I believe he has much room for growth here. As he gets into a college weight room and begins to reshape his good frame he'll be a monster.

If Kenneth is willing to work in the weight room, work on his conditioning, and work on his agility he could be very good at the next level. On the field he is a hard worker, he plays hard, plays to the whistle, and he is a worker. He'll also have to improve his foot speed. It's decent now, but he needs to get quicker and more consistent with his footwork in college. Kenneth Page won't be a guy who will come in and be able to play a ton as a freshman, but as he develops physically, with his technique, and learns the system, I do believe he is a guy who can start at the highest level and be quite effective. Top Stories