Wells Misses Irish Camp

Notre Dame just completed their final summer football camp, and several big-time recruits made an appearance. Defensive end Keith Wells of Gainesville High School (Ga.) was hoping to make the trip, but his plans unraveled at the last minute.

Keith Wells (6-foot-5, 222 pounds) was hoping to land a scholarship offer from Notre Dame with a strong performance at the Irish football camp, but unfortunately he wasn't able to make the trip to South Bend.

"I didn't make it up there. Some things came up, so I need to reschedule a trip to Notre Dame," Wells responded when asked about the Notre Dame football camp. "I talked to coach Lewis and explained why we couldn't come up. He definitely understood. He basically said that he wanted to the other coaches to see me work out. He was pretty confident that if coach Weis and coach Brown saw me work out that they would make me an offer.

"I'd like to get up there, but I can't see it happening any time soon. I doubt it will happen before I go back to school. Even if I do go up there, the coaches won't be able to see me work out, because the camps and all that will be over. Knowing that, I'm not sure they'd offer. [Receiving an offer] was just a matter of when I could get up there and when they could actually see me play or work out."

Although Wells doesn't list Notre Dame among his final schools, the Irish could work their way back into consideration if they pull the trigger on an offer.

"I narrowed my list down to six schools that have offered me," Wells explained. "The six are Florida, Ohio State, Florida State, Auburn, Georgia Tech and North Carolina. If Notre Dame did offer me, they'd definitely be on that list. I can honestly see Notre Dame being one of the top three schools on my list if they offered. I wanted to get up there and participate in their camp so that I could earn an offer. Since I didn't make it, they probably won't be able to see me play until the my season. Maybe by then it will be too late, I don't know.

"I think all the schools that were going to offer me have offered me. All the big-time schools that I wanted to offer me have offered, except Notre Dame. An offer from them would be the only reason I'd postpone my decision, because I want to have the best possible options."

Wells hasn't visited all the schools he's still considering, but he has plans to do that soon.

"I haven't been up to Ohio State, but I'm probably going to make that trip in two or three weeks," Wells said. "Ohio State is about seven hours away, so we can make that trip early in the morning and be there by noon. I haven't been to Florida State, but I'll be going there July 21. I haven't been to Auburn either, but hopefully when I get back from Florida State I'll be able to make a trip to Auburn. I've been to North Carolina twice. I've been to Florida and I've been to Georgia Tech a bunch of times."

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