Blanton Found What He Was Looking For

Notre Dame fans have been clamoring for a defensive scheme that is aggressive and capable of taking the fight to the opposing offense. In order to accomplish that a defense must have physical cornerbacks that can knock receivers of their routes. With Robert Blanton the Irish got just that.

If you watch film of high school football prospects, some players grab your attention and then there are others where it is more difficult to determine their talent level. Robert Blanton (6-foot-1, 175 pounds) is one of those prospects that jumps off your screen. He has ‘It'. Plain and simple, he's a football player.

A year ago Blanton probably didn't even consider Notre Dame when he listed his top colleges. Through the spring that changed and when he made his second unofficial visit to Notre Dame last week he ended his recruitment.

"Sometime in May I was pretty close to committing," Blanton responded when asked when he realized Notre Dame was the school he wanted to attend. "I wanted to go up there one more time and make sure everything was cool and that everything was as great as I thought it was after my first visit. It was, so I committed to coach Weis.

"I met with coach Weis. He, coach Brown, my mom, and my dad were on a conference call and I told them that I wanted to be a part of the family. Coach Weis was really excited. In return, he gave me a commitment that if anything happened injury-wise that I'd still have my scholarship.

"When I first went down there, I enjoyed the coaches the players and the academic atmosphere. I figured it would be the best place to go, because it would provide me with the greatest opportunities during college and then after college."

During his five-day visit Blanton had an opportunity to meet a number of current players, as well as, a few of his classmates.

"All the guys I met were great," Blanton said. "They were very friendly and fun. They gave me great advice. I spent some time with Gary Gray and Raeshon McNeil. I also hung out a couple guys that will be going in with me. Braxston Cave was a pretty cool guy.

"I just got word that Ethan Johnson and Jamoris Slaughter committed, so we're adding to the class."

Blanton will have an opportunity to compete for playing as a freshman, but that didn't factor into his decision.

"Playing time or depth really wasn't a factor," He explained. "I would have gone anywhere else and red-shirted if they would have given me better opportunities. I just felt Notre Dame offered me what I was looking for." Top Stories