Stock Report: Offense

With 17 commitments, Notre Dame has nearly filled its 2008 recruiting class. The maximum number of recruits Notre Dame will take this year is 23, so there is only room for another five or six additional players. Irish Eyes looks at which Notre Dame recruiting targets will fill out the remaining spots.

When you consider which prospects will take the final scholarships of the 2008 recruiting class, you have to remember that there are no absolutes. Notre Dame may want to take two additional wide receivers, but if it isn't one of the players that they have already targeted, they may spend one of those scholarships on an additional defensive back.

I think Notre Dame may take this approach with the first position that we look at, running back. I think the Notre Dame coaches would like to bring in a running back, but they may see that they have other priorities. If they don't hit the top guys at other positions, they may come back to running back.

Here is a look at the players on offense that could end up in the 2008 recruiting class.

Running Backs: Notre Dame will have James Aldridge, Robert Hughes and Armando Allen on the roster when this class hits campus, so it isn't urgent that the Irish sign a ball carrier in this class. There isn't a lot of depth, so you'd certainly like to add any of the players Notre Dame has offered, but with limited spots left for this class, I'd prefer to use the remaining scholarships elsewhere. Stock: Hold

Michael Floyd: He recently made a swing through the Midwest, visiting Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio State, and finally Notre Dame. Floyd visited the first four schools for a day, while spending five days at Notre Dame. While in South Bend, Mike spent a lot of time with Ethan Johnson. So why did Johnson commit, while Floyd did not? Notre Dame had one spot remaining along the defensive line and Johnson wanted to make sure it was his. Floyd on the other hand knows the Irish want two additional wide receivers and one of the spots is already his. I can't predict when Mike will end his recruitment, but I like Notre Dame here. Stock: Buy

Brice Butler: Brice plans on announcing his decision around August 1. He intends to pare his list of schools down to five before that time. In reality I think the group of schools he is seriously considering is already smaller than that at this time, and I believe Notre Dame is the mix. Butler does talk to the two Irish commitments from Georgia, Jamoris Slaughter and Omar Hunter, but this likely won't be a huge facotr in his decision. Florida State is probably the team to beat here. His dad played at FSU and Brice might want to be involved in bringing the Seminoles back to the top. USC, LSU and Florida might be the other players. Stock: Hold

Jonathan Baldwin: There have been rumors that Baldwin is favoring Notre Dame at this time, but I'm not sure anyone really knows what he is going to do. I'm not even sure Jonathan is really sure at this time. Everyone speculated that Michigan was the team to beat for a long time, but the Michigan coaches may be starting to focus on other wide receivers. Pittsburgh is probably a player, as is USC. Anything could happen here. Stock: Hold

Art Forst: Art expected to have his recruitment done at this time, but he now plans to take some official visits. Notre Dame, Rutgers and Florida are the three main schools Art is considering. He's been tight-lipped about his favorites and he says good things about all the programs he is considering. Notre Dame certainly has a shot, but the more this drags on, the more Rutgers appears to be the spot. Stock: Sell

Kenneth Page: Page has always said good things about Notre Dame and we've heard that he speaks highly of the Irish to his family and friends. Page probably won't have a decision for some time, but Notre Dame should be in the mix. He has said that the Irish will get an official visit. If the Irish have a chance to bring in an additional offensive lineman, Page is probably their best shot. Stock: Hold

Josh Jenkins: Jenkins would be a terrific addition to this recruiting class. He has said he'd like to visit Notre Dame, but that hasn't happened. I'm not sure it ever will. Josh is a great kid and a fantastic player, but my guess is that he ends up at a school east of Notre Dame. Stock: Sell

Matt Patchan: Notre Dame made Matt's top eight and they might be closer to the top four schools than the bottom four. Notre Dame is the only northern school in the mix, but I don't think that is as strong of an indicator as it would normally be. I do believe Notre Dame will receive one of his official visits. Patchan won't decide for some time, so we'll sit back and see how things develop. Stock: Hold

Khaled Holmes: Holmes is still planning on taking an official visit to Notre Dame in the fall. His brother played for USC, so one would expect the Trojans would be the team to beat. Khaled has always insisted that Notre Dame would have a legitimate shot at him, but it would be a major upset if the Irish did land him. Stock: Sell Top Stories