Slaughter Is Staying Focused

Notre Dame is building a reputation in the Southeast as a very strong recruiting force. One of the top prospects from the area already committed for the 2008 recruiting class is Jamoris Slaughter from Tucker High School (Ga.)

Jamoris Slaughter (6-1, 180 pounds) grew up a fan of Michigan, and once he knew he'd get a chance to play Division I football, he figured it would be for the Wolverines. Everything was going according to his plans until Jamoris made a trip to Notre Dame in the spring.

"Before I visited Notre Dame, Michigan was my top school and I always thought that I was going to go there," Jamoris responded when asked about his decision to commit to Notre Dame. " My parent wanted me to keep an open mind and they wanted me to look around before I decided. When I went up to Notre Dame I was really impressed with it. I found out about the school and like everything about it. I was impressed with how they do things, and their alumni support. If you get hurt or you don't go to the NFL you still have your Notre Dame degree to fall back on. That's a big part of the reason I chose Notre Dame.

"My life hasn't changed much since I committed, I still do all things that I used to do. Right after I committed, people around here thought that it was just a rumor. When I talk to people now they say, "Hey you're the kid that's going to Notre Dame." Some of my old coaches are dog fans, and they wanted me to go do Georgia. They weren't mad that I picked Notre Dame, because they know it's a good school. They're still supportive and they want me to do good no matter where I go to school. They say that they'll be watching me and supporting me."

Although Slaughter has made his college decision, he's still going to work had to improve himself. He has one more season at Tucker and he wants to make the most of it.

"I've been weight training so I can ready for the season," Slaughter said. "I'm doing most of it with my team, but I do a lot on my own. I go to the gym, I have a workout area in my basement and I run a lot.

"We've been going to seven-on-seven passing leagues every Tuesdays and Thursdays. We go to different high schools in the area or region. I play wide receiver and safety. I've always played wide receiver. I'll miss it a little bit [when I go to college], but my main focus is defense."

Slaughter has been busy all summer, but he has made certain that he stays in touch with his future coaches.

"I talk coach Brown, but I still text coach Weis and coach Lewis," Slaughter explained. "We stay in touch just to see what I'm doing and make sure I keep my head right. They say that I can't wait until I get up there." Top Stories