Baldwin Has The Irish Among His Favorites

Notre Dame would like to add two additional wide receivers to this recruiting class and they are in the mix with several top prospects. One of the most talented receivers in the country is Jonathan Baldwin from Aliquippa High School (Pa.) and he recently listed the Irish among his favorites.

Jonathan Baldwin (6-foot-6, 215 pounds) took the time to visit Notre Dame in May, and he came impressed with what Notre Dame had to offer. The Irish coaches hope that impression is strong enough to get Baldwin back on campus for an official visit.

"I'm still in touch with Notre Dame," Baldwin responded when asked about his interest in Notre Dame. "A lot of people just look at sports. Notre Dame is a top academic school. All the schools that I'm looking are top academically. I don't just look at what they do on the field, I have to look at my education in case things don't work out I'll have something to fall back on."

Baldwin will also look for a few additional qualities in the college he chooses.

"Wherever I go I want to be comfortable," Baldwin said. "I don't want to be somewhere that I don't feel comfortable. That's real important.

"I'm not trying to red-shirt my freshman year. I want to play right away. If the team is full of seniors they're going to play. You just have to go in and work hard and show that you're not backing down from any challenges. You have to earn some time. Then the next year, I'd be one of the go-to guys.

"If the school is doing good that's good," Baldwin explained. "If they're doing bad, you have to believe that you can come in and improve the program. If I can help get the team back on top, that'll be good for me.

Baldwin recently narrowed his list of schools down to six and the Irish made the cut.

"I've got my final six schools; Florida, Miami, Pitt, Notre Dame, Michigan and USC," Baldwin said. "I'm going to visit Miami on Friday. I'm going to go down there on vacation. It isn't all about recruiting.

"I'm going to take my official visits during the season. I have to talk to my coaches first though, because I can't just leave. We watch film on Saturday, so I want to get the okay from him first." Top Stories