Maupin will visit Notre Dame

<P>West Chester Ohio is home to Brandon Maupin. Maupin is a 6-6, 280 pound defensive lineman that has offers from the top schools across the country. When will Maupin visit Notre Dame?</P>

"My team has had kind of a rough start to the season. I think we will come back but we haven't been doing too well. We don't really keep stats but I have a few sacks so far." Maupin said that his team is young and just coming together.

I asked Brandon if he has set up any visits yet. "I haven't really set any up yet. I plan to do that pretty soon. I know I will visit Notre Dame, Tennessee and Ohio State for sure. The other two visits will come from either Oklahoma, Penn State or South Carolina." Maupin estimates he has somewhere between 20-30 offers.

All of his top schools have offered him except Notre Dame. I asked Brandon about this. "They are just waiting for my SAT score. I plan to take that is October. I will the get the score I need."

Brandon has been on some unofficial visits lately as well. "I went to the Ohio State/Washington State game. Last weekend, I was at the Tennessee/Florida game and I will be at the Notre Dame/Stanford game." Brandon stated he didn't really have a leader out of his top three of Notre Dame, Tennessee and Ohio State.

I asked Brandon if any coaches have really impressed him this year. "Coach Willingham really impresses me. He is a real powerful guy. He is a great leader and a good coach. I like him a lot." Brandon says he plans to make his decision sometime in January.

Comments. You can tell Brandon likes Willingham. I think if Notre Dame offers, they will be right in it. If he gets his test score, I think they will offer him. Top Stories