Carlson sets visit

<P>Litchfield, MN isn't a hotbed for high school football recruiting. You won't find ESPN stopping by to get updates on the games played up in Litchfield but this town in Minnesota is home to one of the top tight ends in the country. </P>

John Carlson is a 6-6, 235 pound tight end. Not many people know about John on the recruiting scene but the top programs are starting to find out about him.

"My team is 3-1 right now. We are playing pretty well. I don't know all my stats. I know I have 15 catches and 3 touchdowns so far." Carlson also has a nice list of offers. "Notre Dame, Minnesota, Stanford, Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, Duke, Northwestern, Wisconsin and Auburn have offered me. There might be more, I can't remember them all."

I asked John if he has set any visits yet. "I am visiting Notre Dame October 5th. That will be my first official visit. I think I will visit Minnesota and Stanford as well. I will probably visit St. Cloud State as well because they want me to play both football and basketball. The other teams say I can walk on in basketball if I want."

John has been getting a lot of phone calls lately. John and I spoke about the calls and this is what he had to say about Notre Dame. "I get about 3 a night from various schools. I enjoy it but it does get a little old after a while. I talked to Coach Willingham the other night for a long time. He is a great guy. He and Coach Mattison have done a great job of recruiting me."

I asked John if he might commit if he really liked his visit to Notre Dame. "I won't say that I won't do it. I decided back in August that I wanted to commit somewhere after my season. I wanted to see some schools before I committed. That has been my plan."

Comments. Notre Dame has an excellent shot here. It's possible that John could commit. It would not surprise me at all but I do feel he wants to see other schools as well. Top Stories