Mike's Mailbag

Here's another rounds of questions left over from Power Hour. Keep those questions coming.

I heard that Charlie wants to bring in a QB almost every recruiting class, why would Charlie want to do this? Is it simply a depth and competition thing? Secondly do you think ND has a legit shot at landing a WR like Baldwin or Odoms.

Mike: The reason you want to bring in one quarterback every year is it gives you a nice balance and space amongst the position. It's easier said than done when you have a young guy who is going to start. You'll almost always have a quarterback leave when he's the fourth guy on the depth chart like Zach Frazer did. Sometimes that guy might be a true freshman or a sophomore. You have to replace them. If you take a quarterback every year, you should have an experienced guy to pick up the slack for anyone transferring out.

As for Baldwin or Odoms, ND has a good shot at Jonathan Baldwin. I'd say the Irish are definitely in his top two, and may be leading at this point. ND isn't recruiting Odoms anymore.

Is this a realistic possibility for Sharpley to start the first stretch followed by either Jones or Clausen? It's a tough balance with winning games/potential media nightmare.

Mike: A good number feel this might happen, and it might be the best thing to start the season. Personally, if I'm Charlie, I go with the guy I think is your future quarterback no matter what. While this quarterback might not perform the best in these early games against some stiff competition, he will gain some invaluable experience playing in big games. That will help him prepare for the many big games he'll be starting in the near future.

I do worry about the media pressure if the Irish were to somehow start 1-3, especially if the starter is Clausen. But that's Notre Dame. You know coming in there will be a ton of media scrutiny.

If Trevor Robinson takes his time could Kenneth Page get in and take the spot before he makes the decision, and is there any way we can take both?

Mike: It's possible ND could take five O-linemen, but I'd guess that's very unlikely. I think the only way ND would consider five O-lineman is if they miss at the other positions closing out this class…not likely. Even if they did, I'd guess they'd probably save the scholarship for next year, when they won't have a lot of scholarships to give.

As for Robinson and Page, that's possible. Page has mentioned he'd like to visit this summer, but so far nothing has been set. I'm not sure if/when he will visit. I'd guess Robinson will probably announce something within the next week. I really have no timeframe on that now as he really hasn't said anything to anyone, but I'd guess he'll probably make a decision sometime within the next week.

Where did you passion for ND football derive from, and who is your favorite player to wear the gold and blue?

Mike: I come from a large Catholic family. My parents are both from Kansas, and when they were growing up, neither K-State of KU was very good. So my dad and all his family are ND fans. When my dad moved to Nebraska, the dark side got to him. He's still a ND fan, but they never got me. Been a ND fan all my life.

It's really hard to say I have a favorite player. My two favorite most recent former players would probably have to be Joey Getherall and Shane Walton. I'll have to throw my man Sean Milligan in there as well as we're pretty tight. Like anyone else, how can you not love Zorro? But I also have very fond memories of Melvin Dansby as he was a true warrior. There's way too many to list.

How worried are you with Floyd? Are we falling out on this one and is there any way if we give an offer to Gerrell Robinson without a visit? Can we get back in it?

Mike: I've been getting this question a lot lately. I'm not sure anyone should panic about Michael Floyd at this point. ND is still very much in the race. I believe it's ND and Ohio State. But like you, I thought he'd be committed by now. That hasn't happened. That could be for a number of reasons though. I think we should probably wait until there's reason to panic before we start the meltdown.

I think Chris Harper will probably be the next guy to get offered at wide receiver. I'd guess it won't be long before that happens. I hear ND likes him a great deal. I wouldn't be surprised to see him receive an offer in the next couple of weeks, especially if there is no movement at wide receiver as far as a commitment by then. ND could take a look at Robinson again, but I'd say Harper will be their guy.

Who do you think is our least solid commit?

Mike: I get this question a lot as well. I won't comment on something like this because it would be purely speculation and not the right thing to do. Unless we have some facts regarding this, like strong verifiable information that someone is thinking about looking around, I won't speculate on something like this. It's not the right thing to do to the prospect or his family.

I will say that from everything I know, everyone seems very excited to join ND in this class. I honestly haven't heard or a single guy reconsidering his commitment. I think everyone is very solid at this point. How can they not be? They're currently in the top recruiting class in the country according to both networks. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

Will ND wait on Baldwin, who plans to take all his visits?

Mike: I think that depends on where they are at with wide receiver recruiting. If they have a second wide receiver committed, he's not as big of a need. If they don't, he'll certainly become a huge priority. I do know ND likes his potential a great deal, and he has the talent to be a special player. I see it unfolding like this. ND wants another wide receiver, another offensive lineman, and another linebacker. Once they fill those three spots, I think the remaining scholarships will go to the next players that want to join. At that point the Irish will be looking only at top guys, so anyone wanting to jump aboard will likely be accepted. But I do think ND will make sure they fill those three spots first, and that will take priority over anything.

What about guys like Jonas Gray and Cyrus Gray for running backs?

Mike: Jonas Gray was supposed to go to ND camp and never made it in. ND likes him, but I think they like others better at this point. Gray was a guy on the radar for awhile, but I'm not sure he's qualified yet for ND. Right now, Ryan Williams and Carlton Thomas appear to be the top guys at running back. Williams is visiting ND in early August, and the word on the street is that the Irish are his top team. He could decide early. The same has been said about ND being the leader for Thomas at this point. I think ND would probably take either if they wanted to come.

Was wondering if this was the weekend that Filer is visiting and what your thoughts are on a possible commitment?

Mike: This is the weekend that Steve Filer visits. Will he commit? That's the million dollar question. Irish fans have to hope so. Corwin Brown has had a lot of success this season, so you have to figure the chances are good. If he doesn't commit, what does that mean? I'd say that will get me a little worried. But I also feel that he's ready to get this over with, so I think we'll know one way or another fairly soon on it. I like ND's chances here.

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