In the Film Room: Trevor Robinson

The day he was announced as the new head football coach at the University of Notre Dame Charlie Weis talked about bringing a "nasty" attitude to South Bend. No player symbolizes that type of football player more than Trevor Robinson.

Trevor Robinson is a "mauler-extraordinaire". From his first class to the present, Coach Weis and staff have assembled big offensive linemen who like to get after it on the football field. If the Irish are fortunate enough to land Trevor Robinson he will be one of the biggest and nastiest players of what is becoming an outstanding crop of linemen wearing the blue and gold.

Trevor Robinson is a large young man. What I like about him is that he carries his size and weight naturally. As with any young offensive linemen, he'll have work to do in the weight room from a conditioning standpoint, and reshaping his body. Trevor does, however, carry his weight quite well. He's a naturally large young player who will continue to get bigger and stronger. On the field Robinson simply engulfs and dominates his opponents. There is work to be done with his game, but he has the size and natural strength to be a very good college football player.

Let's get the negatives out of the way first. Right now Robinson is a body player. He tends to lean on guys a bit and allows players to get into his body. As he continues to develop he'll have to do a better job of using his hands. When he does it right Robinson has good hand quickness and has explosive upper body strength. When he gives an opponent a shot that guy moves and it's usually either backwards or to the ground. The problem is he doesn't use his hands enough. More often than not when he's engaged with a player he just engulfs the guy with his body and doesn't always bring his hands with him. This is especially true in the run game. The reason for this is that in the run game players are more aggressive and their bodies are moving forward. In the pass game you are usually in a bit of a retreat mode so you aren't leaning forward and you are forced to use your hands more. Even in pass protection often times Robinson doesn't extend his hands and allows the defender into his body. What helps him right now is he is just so powerful and dominating that he just mauls defenders. He'll have to improve his hand play as he transitions into the college game.

Now, on to the good stuff. There is quite a bit to like about the Elkhorn, Nebraska native. For a 6-foot-6 young man playing against smaller competition, Robinson does a very good job of coming off low and playing low at the line of scrimmage. Although he tends to get high as he works in space and at the second level, when he comes off and engages defensive linemen he plays with very good pad level. Robinson works well in combination blocks. He shows a good knack for when to pass off and work to the next defender. He shows good lateral movement in overtaking defenders. Robinson shows good balance and quickness when pulling and kicking out defenders. When asked to pull up into the line he tends to get caught up in the wash and get high. Again this is something he'll have to improve on but something that is coachable.

Robinson is at his best in power situations. When asked to come off the ball in an aggressive manner he is nasty and dominates his opponents. As he engages defenders you see him continue to drive his legs and finish off his opponents. He's a whistle-to-whistle player and defenders know they are in for a fight snap after snap. Robinson shows good lower body technique when pass protecting. When he does shoot his hands he stops defenders in their tracks and often times knocks them back. But as I discussed earlier, he needs work with consistency in this area. Robinson also does a good job of moving his feet in pass protection. Often times with players his size and age they tend to stop their feet, or at least slow them down quite a bit when engaging a pass rusher. Trevor shows a good knack for hitting and moving. This allows him to make up for his lack of hand technique and simply drives or funnels the pass rushers away from the quarterback. Due to his lack of great hand extension at times he is susceptible to a bull rush. He's on his heels and when the player just hits him in the chest Trevor gets knocked back. As his technique improves and he learns to use his good arm length and power he won't have to worry about this.

If you have heard the phrase "country strong" and never knew what it meant just watch Trevor Robinson play football. Robinson is a powerful young man. When he gets his hands on defenders they are going to lose the battle. Robinson has a very powerful lower body. He plays with a good base and drives his opponents back and finishes his blocks well. Robinson isn't overly fast, but he does play with good footwork. He fires off the ball hard and has good initial quickness. The Elkhorn native has good foot quickness but will need to continue to improve his overall agility as he grows into a college football player. He shows good hand speed and decent overall athletic ability. Robinson, right now, would have trouble with fast and quick pass rushers until he learns to use his hands better.

Right now Robinson has the ability to dominate along the interior of the offensive line in college. With his great size, frame, strength, and initial quickness Robinson projects as a guard. If he is able to reshape his body, improve his footwork, and learn to use his hands better I do feel he can play right tackle at the next level. He will need to improve in a few areas if he wants to dominate at right tackle, like I feel he can at the guard position. Robinson has as much upside as any linemen in the country not named Michael Brewster. He is going to be a tremendous addition to the offensive line class at Nebraska, Notre Dame, or Michigan. Each school has already put together a solid offensive line class. Wherever Robinson goes he will push that class above the other two. Top Stories