Jesse Holley likes Notre Dame

<P>One of the top prospects in New Jersey this year calls Roselle Park, NJ his home. Jesse Holley is 6-4, 190 pounds with 4.4 speed. Jesse has over 20 offers and he says he has an offer from Notre Dame. Does he plan to visit? </P>

Jesse Holley has had kind of a rough start to the season so far. "We lost last week. We are a very young team but I think we can be a good team. These young guys have the will to win and are good listeners, we just need to put it together. I was triple covered most of the game and had 4 catches for 49 yards. I know you aren't going to believe this but I think I had 21 tackles in the game. I am very sore and my body can't take that every week but I think we will get things together soon." One thing I like about Jesse, he is a team player. He isn't complaining and remains positive even after he had to sacrifice his body to make 21 tackles.

Jesse has over 20 offers so far to the best of his recollection. "I am not sure I can remember them all but Notre Dame, Maryland, North Carolina State, South Carolina North Carolina, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Wake Forrest, UCLA, Duke, Rutgers, Michigan, Michigan State, Kansas State, Colorado, Miami and Ohio State have offered."

Jesse has been on unofficial visits to Virginia and Marland before and has his first visit set with North Carolina on December 6th. I asked Jesse if he had an idea of some other schools he might visit. "Yeah, I have been thinking about that. I will visit Notre Dame, Michigan and UCLA. The last one will probably be either Maryland or Ohio State."

I asked Jesse about his thoughts on some of the schools. "I grew up cheering for Nebraska actually. I like the Huskers but that type of offense isn't really a good fit for me. I want to go to a school where they throw the ball a lot. Ohio State was high on my list early but with Maurice Clarrett there, I think they will be more focused on the power running game because they need to get him to go off. Notre Dame has made the switch to a passing offense and that excites me. I want to make sure that I go to a school that throws the ball so I can become a better player and show what I can do."

Jesse said he has been on the phone lately talking to coaches and he is close to setting up visits. "I left some messages today. I called Coach Simmons at Notre Dame, the Michigan coaches, Michigan State and UCLA as well. I just want to talk to them about some particulars. I want to check their interest again and find out some more information before I set my visits."

Jesse has a 2.6 gpa and scored an 820 on his SAT. He is going to take it again next month for sure but said he is fully qualified at this point.

Holley also talked about what was important to him in choosing a school. "I just want to see a consistent program. Consistent in winning and a passing offense. I want to play and I would like to play early. If I have to redshirt, I am fine with that. I will just get faster and stronger and be even more ready for the following year. Graduation rate is important because I need to get my degree. Location is kind of important to me because I want my grandma to be able to see me play. I am not the kind of guy who will get homesick and I know I would like to get away for college but I would also like for my family to see my play."

Comments. I think Notre Dame has a legit shot at Jesse. I know they are interested in him. I think he will visit and we will have to wait and see what he thinks of Notre Dame after his visit. Top Stories