Wooden set for official visit

<P>One of the top targets on defense has schedule a visit for Notre Dame. Ambrose Wooden has set his official visit with Notre Dame. What does he have to say about his visit and Coach Willingham?

Ambrose Wooden has had a great start to the season. His team is 4-0 and he has been playing mostly offense. "I have about 1000 total yards and 13 touchdowns. 4 are passing and the rest are rushing touchdowns. I also have two returns for touchdowns. I haven't been playing much defense because some players are starting to take some shots and Victor and I."

Ambrose has set his first official vist. "I am going to Notre Dame on December 6th. I am trying to narrow it down but I am pretty focused on school and our season right now. The other schools I am interested in are Stanford, UCLA, Penn State, Virginia Tech, Maryland, North Carolina and BC."

I asked Ambrose if he had a leader at this point. "I would have to say that Notre Dame is my top school right now. If I had to choose today it would be Notre Dame but that could change. From the little I know so far, Notre Dame would be my leader."

Ambrose said he has been getting a lot of calls lately. "I have spoken with the head coaches from Notre Dame, Boston College, Maryland, UCLA and Stanford. I have spoken to a lot of other coaches as well."

I asked Ambrose about his conversation with Coach Willingham. "Coach Willingham is nice guy. He sounds just like my head coach here at Gilman. What he preaches is the same thing my coach preaches. I am looking for a coach just like my head coach here. If everything is just like I think it will be with Coach Willingham, I think I will be very impressed with him."

Ambrose and I also talked about Victor and the liklihood they would be going to school together. "Victor is a great guy and I would love to go to school with him together. Victor will make the best decision for him and so will I. We both like a lot of the same schools so it's possible and that would be great if it happened that way. Victor and I have been friends for a long time."

Comments. I don't care what others say, I think Notre Dame will be very hard to beat. I think Notre Dame has the best shot to sign him. Things can change but I think Ambrose will be very impressed with Coach Willingham.

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