Texas Corner interested in Irish

<P>One of the top corner prospects in the country has shown steady interest in the Irish. North Mesquite HS is home to Tarell Brown. Brown has over 40 offers from all the top teams in the country and he has Notre Dame listed as one of his top schools. Will he visit?

Tarell Brown has had a nice start to the season. This 5-11, 180 pound tailback and cornerback is listed with 4.32 speed. He has rushed for 487 games and 7 touchdowns so far and also has an interception while leading his team to a 3-0 start.

Tarell has also set his first official visit. "I leave for Ohio State this weekend. I haven't given it much thought lately. I just had a free weekend and thought I would take a visit there." I asked Tarell if he knew of other schools he might visit. "Well, I would say Notre Dame, Texas, Florida State, A&M and Tennessee are the schools that I am also interested in right now."

Tarell has also been putting in a lot of phone time. "I have spoken with R.C. Slocum, Bobby Bowden and Mack Brown so far. I am just listening to what they have to say. I am trying to figure out where I fit in and where I have a good opportunity. I am really focused on my school work and trying to help my team every week. I will start to set my visits soon."

Tarell also knows what he is looking for in a school when he takes his official visits. "Academics are first. That is very important to me. After that, I just want to feel comfortable at the school. Feel comfortable with the coaches, the players and the students. I would like to take one more visit during the season and hopefully I can make a decision in late december. I want to be assured I have a spot and I don't want the coaches to have to wait for me until the last minute. I want them to know that I am with them and there is no need to drag this thing out.

Comments. The last comments from Tarrell are refreshing to hear. I am happy to hear that Tarell wants to make it easier on the coaching staff and school he chooses. He wants them to know he is on board so they can focus on landing the rest of their class. I am going to guess that Tarrell is a team player. I think they have a good shot at a visit and I think Tarell is wide open at this time. He is a very classy kid and seems to have a great head on his shoulders.

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