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Soon you'll be hearing the sweet sounds of pads popping coming from the practice fields of Notre Dame, and Irish Eyes will be there in full force covering all the action.

Why should we be excited? Well, there's the highly-contested quarterback battle. There's also the race to replace Darius Walker. And, we shuffle in the Corwin Brown era of the Notre Dame defense. We haven't even mentioned the many other starting positions up for grabs this fall like wide receiver, kicker and safety.

Yes, the ESPN crew have picked the Irish to win as little as one game out of their first eight, but we all know what happened the last time they did something that stupid....the Irish marched on to a BCS game.

While the BCS might be a stretch for Notre Dame this season, this will certainly be one of the most interesting seasons in recent memory as we watch head coach Charlie Weis continue to resurrect the Irish football program.

We'll have plenty of video, pictures and interviews with all the players and coaches from fall camp this season, as well as our excellent "inside info" slant that we do better than anyone at Irish Eyes.

We'll also have highly-detailed daily practice reports, daily chats with Irish Eyes experts who attend practice, and you'll be a part of our very popular message board community. If you're looking for a message board with a lot of action, lots of educated football talk, but also one where the moderators know when it's time to take out the trash--this is your message board community.

And while the Irish currently have the No. 1-ranked recruiting class, that hardly means this recruiting season is's not. We'll be following all the ups (and hopefully no downs) of recruiting, plus we'll be educating the masses on the next batch of stars waiting to play for the fighting Irish!

So give us a try! Try us out for the month of fall camp and then you decide. We think you'll love what you see and become an Irish Eyes junkie like the rest of us ND football nuts. If nothing else, I'm sure you'll love our message board community. Many of our customers say that's worth the price of admission alone.

Why try Irish Eyes? Because nobody works harder to please our customers than we do. That's our promise to you, and one we'll deliver.

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