Morgan Newton: 2009 Prospect

Notre Dame has gone to the West Coast to land their last two quarterbacks. In 2007 the Irish signed Jimmy Clausen, and then in April the Irish added Dayne Crist to the 2008 recruiting class. Things may change with the 2009 recruiting class, as one of the top quarterbacks in the nation, Morgan Newton, plays just down the road at Carmel High School (Ind.)

The Notre Dame coaches got a good look at Morgan Newton (6-foot-5, 205 pounds) this summer when his dad brought him to South Bend for the Notre Dame football camp. It was their first trip to Notre Dame, and they were impressed with what the program has to offer.

"He was at their camp this summer," John Newton responded when asked about his son's interest in Notre Dame. "He's not a very excitable kid, but when we were up there he was like, ‘Wow this is Notre Dame!' It was the first time we'd been up there. It was a pretty enlightening trip.

"When we went up there he was really interested. We got a chance to talk to coach Weis and coach Powlus. Coach Brown has been the contact person and Morgan calls him fairly frequently.

"Morgan is a three-sport athlete," Mr. Newton explained. "He's a good basketball player and a good baseball player. He's actually a very good soccer player as well. He has the ability to step up to the challenge. If the challenge is there, he thrives. He wants to challenge whoever is there."

Morgan has been receiving recruiting material from top programs like Michigan, Ohio State, Florida and LSU. All of the Big Ten schools have dropped by Carmel High School to get a look at him. Morgan is going to keep an open mind through the recruiting process, but Notre Dame has a leg up on the competition at this point.

"Notre Dame is just up the road and [the football camp] was the first time I had been there," Morgan said. "It was noting short of amazing. I loved Touchdown Jesus, the stadium, and the whole atmosphere. Just being on the campus was great. I truly enjoyed it all.

"I met a lot of nice people up there. The coaches are very approachable. I worked with coach Powlus most of the time. I thought he was very knowledgeable. He helped me with some things that I'm using with my receivers at Carmel. I didn't work with coach Weis as much, because he was working the whole camp, but he gave some input.

"Notre Dame is one of the places I've wanted to go since I was young," Morgan said. "I've always been a Notre Dame fan. I've liked other schools, but I really like Notre Dame. Bringing coach Weis and seeing the offense that he runs… I like to put the ball in the air."

Notre Dame will have several talented quarterbacks on campus when Morgan is a freshman, but that doesn't appear to concern him.

"I hear about Jimmy Clausen and Demetrius Jones and Evan Sharpley. Dayne Christ is committed also," Morgan said. "I never know what I'll be thinking about it, but competition is not one of my biggest concerns.. They have good guys at the position. If I walked into that situation, I know that I'd have a shot to play in a couple years. I can sit and watch some good guys ahead of me and learn from them. You never know what's going to go on from year to year.

"Obviously there's a lot of competition at Notre Dame, but I never shy away from competition. I like to compete. Notre Dame can bring in good guys on a consistent basis, because of Charlie Weis' history with quarterbacks. They have a couple good ones and they just put out Quinn."

One thing that Morgan will focus on is finding an offensive system that he is comfortable running.

"I like to run out of the shot-gun, so I can search the field and make throws," he explained. "I can make most of the throws. I like to throw the out route. I like to throw the ball deep. I like to throw to the tight end. I like to sit back and throw the ball, but if something breaks down I'll make a play. I can run spring outs. I like to let it fly. I like to throw the ball and get it in the air."

As a sophomore Morgan started six games. He completed 30 of 51 attempts for 464 yards, seven touchdowns and three interceptions. He also ran for 200 yards on 38 carries.

Morgan's g.p.a is above a 3.0, while being in honors classes. Top Stories