Reid Fragel: 2009 Prospect

Tight ends have been able to flourish in Charlie Weis' system and the top prospects in the country have taken notice. It's a little early to determine who the elite tight ends will be in the 2009 class, but Reid Fragel from South High School (Grosse Point, Mich.) could be one of them.

Notre Dame will look to add one tight end in the 2009 recruiting class and Reid Fragel (6-foot-7, pounds) isn't a stranger to the Notre Dame campus. He's made several trips, including two this summer and he'll likely be back for more.

"I went to Notre Dame's elite camp this summer," Fragel responded when asked if Notre Dame had been in contact with him. "I was the only tight end at the camp. We did some seven-on-seven stuff and one-on-ones. I like the fact that I got a lot of reps there. At other camps, there so many tights ends I really didn't get to show off what I could do. At Notre Dame I got to do that and I got a better feel for the coaching staff. Coach Parmalee is a great guy and he knows what he's talking about.

"I did talk to coach Weis right after the camp. I was leaving and he came over to say good-bye. He said that I looked good and that he saw me as a possession receiver. He just said to keep working hard."

Fragel has made several other visits to Notre Dame and he is comfortable with the campus.

"Our team went to their seven-on-seven Adidas camp this summer and I went to their basketball camp when I was in eighth grade," Fragel said. "I was invited down to the Stanford game last year. That was amazing. I got to walk through the locker room and go out on the field. I love the tradition of the locker room and the stadium and everything. It seems like a smaller version of the ‘Big House', but it was a lot more intense.

"I like the campus a lot. It's a great college campus. It's focused in one in area. Everyone from outside comes in for the games. It just seems like it has a family atmosphere."

The tight end is a receiving weapon in the Irish offense, but Reid isn't worried about his receiving numbers.

"I know they like to throw to the tight end, and I know that it's a pretty key position in the offense," Fragel explained. "It might sound strange, but I like blocking at tight end as much as anything else. Touchdowns are great, but it's also great to throw a good block and have the running back run for a big gain."

The Notre Dame's football camp wasn't Fragel's lone stop this summer. He also made it to several other Midwest programs.

"I also went to the Michigan, Purdue and Northwestern camps," Fragel said. "Michigan is looking at me really hard. I got invited to their summer open house and I just went there.

"Right now, I like Iowa, Northwestern, Notre Dame and Michigan, in no particular order."

Despite logging most of his minutes on defense, all the schools recruiting Fragel are looking at him on the offensive side of the ball.

"I played defensive end last year," Fragel explained. "I played mostly tackle on offense, because I had a broken finger so I had a club on my hand. I had 59 tackles and five sacks in eight games.

"Last year I felt real comfortable at defensive end. Defense is a lot of fun. I wanted to experience tight end, because I know that its one of my stronger position. It seems to be that schools are favoring me as a tight end."

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