Parish off to a good start

<P>It's not often that Notre Dame lands players from California. It's very rare that Notre Dame lands a commitment from a cornerback prospect before January. I can't remember the last time the Irish landed a player with the talent of Freddie Parish, who plays defensive back and is from California. Is this something we can expect from Coach Willingham in the future? Freddie says just get them to a game. </P>

Freddie Parish didn't think he would commit to Notre Dame when he made his visit on September 7th. He didn't think there was even the slightest chance. "I thought there was zero possibility I would commit to Notre Dame on my visit. I thought I would take at least a few visits and then decide. When I went on my visit, I was sold. The whole game atmosphere was awesome. I got the chance to talk to Coach Walters and Coach Baer and then talking to Coach Willingham kind of sealed it for me. Watching the game was the big push. The game was the biggest factor. My whole family was very impressed. I liked everything about Notre Dame. It's a smaller school and it's such a football school. I really liked the players as well and it just felt like this was the school for me."

Freddie says he is a solid commitment to Notre Dame. "I had a visit schedule to Washington but I cam home and cancelled it. I am not visiting anywhere else. I am a solid commitment to Notre Dame. My Dad and I are talking about going to Notre Dame on December 6th for their banquent weekend as well."

I asked Freddie if he thought his commitment to Notre Dame might help with other California kids they are recruiting like Mark Bradford or Quintin Daniels. "I hope so, I would love to have teammates like Mark and Quintin. I have played against both players. I went to a camp where Mark Bradford was at. I played against him for 4 days. I can honestly tell you that Mark Bradford is the best wide receiver I have ever played against. We were calling him 'untouchable.' You can't bump that guy. He is so strong and physical and he has an amazing vertical. It's just insane who good he is. You can tell a good player when he makes me change my game to play against him. Quintin is a great player too. He is pretty fast and has good hands. I would love to have both as teammates. I have Mark's number and I will be calling him soon."

Freddie has also been impressed by the Irish this season. "All I can say is that I am really happy. They are 4-0 and they are playing well. Coach Willingham is such a great leader. People are going to be surprised by him when they meet him. The defense is playing well. The defensive backs are playing very well. It's great to see."

Parish has been playing some football as well. "My team is 2-0 right now. We just went out to Hawaii and played their best team. We beat them 42-16. It was a great game and a great experience. They had a real big crowd there so it was exciting. We won our first game 45-0 and our defense held them to negative 30 yards total. I have 20 total tackles in the first two games. They have me playing strong saftety this year."

Freddie also knows there is a big game on the horizon with Concord De LeSalle. "That game is October 12th I think. We have a few before we play them so I am concentrating on that. I know that is a big game. All I will say is that I hope we can play our game." Freddie is also smart, he isn't going to say anything about that game until it's over.

Freddie Parish is another in a long line of great athletes who happens to be better guys that seem to find their way to Notre Dame. Freddie says that if Notre Dame wants to land more California players, they need to get them to the games. It worked for Freddie anyway. I will keep on checking in with Freddie as the season goes on. Top Stories