Ryan Randolph: 2009 Prospect

Notre Dame will always need talented wide receivers to catch the ball in Charlie Weis' offense, but they have struggle a little to bring in the top wide receiver recruits. The Irish already have a start on the 2009 recruiting class and one of the players that they've already gotten a look at is wide receiver Ryan Randolph from East Kentwood High School (Mich.)

Ryan Randolph (6-foot-0, 160 pounds) hadn't been to Notre Dame in the past, but after he attended their football camp this summer, he might be invited back several more times over the coming year.

"I went to their camp a couple months ago," Randolph said of his visit to Notre Dame. "I went with a couple friends from my high school. We heard it was a really good camp, and our coach wanted us to go if we could afford it.

"Coach Ianello said he really liked me. I guess he was impressed by the way I caught the ball. He watched me throughout the drills they sent me through. He told me that he thought I had great hands and great speed, but he said he wanted me to work on getting bigger and stronger. They taught me what I needed to know. I learned some new stuff just listening and learning.

"A couple defensive back coaches were interested in me," Randolph said. "But they found out that I was just a (rising) junior and they were looking for seniors."

Randolph grew up a Michigan State Spartan fan, but he would like a chance to play at Notre Dame if the opportunity arose.

"[Notre Dame] is one of my top schools that I'd like to go to," Randolph said. " I also like Michigan State and Western Michigan. I've really only heard from Notre Dame and Michigan State.

"I know Notre Dame has a great education and it's really well known. I know I can get a great education. The campus was nice. It was peaceful. It thought it was a nice campus. I went to the library, the stadium and everything. We went to the weight room and the locker room. I'd like to work out there and get better."

Randolph has another year to improve, but he'll definitely be a name to watch this fall.

"I play wide receiver and free safety," Randolph explained. "I like both, but I probably like wide receiver a little better. It gives me a chance to use my speed and my catching ability.

"At free safety, I like to hit. I can use my speed. I had about ten tackles per game at free safety.

"We start two-a-days [today]," Randolph said. "We have great speed. A lot of the players are from track and we had some all-state guys on our track team. We should have a good year this year, and we have a lot of good players playing for us."

Randolph reported a 2.2 g.p.a.

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