Irish Move On Harper

Notre Dame has been evaluating athlete Chris Harper of Northwest High School (Wichita, Kans.) for a long time. Harper would like to play quarterback in college, but if it is the right school, he may be willing to change positions.

The Irish coaches have always liked the athletic ability of Chris Harper (6-foot-3, 222 pounds), but they weren't sure which position Chris projected to in college. After several months of evaluation, the votes came in this morning.

"I got an email from coach Brown that said that he wanted me to call coach Weis and that they would have some good news for me," Harper responded when asked about his conversation with the Notre Dame coaches. "I couldn't get coach Weis last night, but I just got off the phone with him and he offered me a scholarship to play at Notre Dame.

"He said that he's been thinking about it that last three days. He said that I'm such a good athlete that he didn't know where he wanted to recruit me at. He knows that people are looking at me at quarterback and at wide receiver, but he wasn't sure where I'd play. He said that he just knows that he wants me to play there, so that's why he offered.

Harper hasn't taken the time to count his scholarship offers, but the number is close to twenty. Interestingly enough, many of the schools were in the same predicament as Notre Dame was prior to the Irish offer.

"That's kind of where I am with a lot of schools, as far as them not knowing where they want to put me," Harper explained. "A lot of schools say that they want me at wide receiver, but there are others that just don't know where they want to play me like Texas A&M and Nebraska. I'll just have to talk to all the schools more, and send them film and go from there.

Coaches will have differing opinions as to where Chris' skills will best utilized, so Chris will ultimately need to make a decision based on his needs.

"After seeing a lot of [quarterbacks] at the camps, I think I'm as good as or better than them," Harper said. "I used to be wild, but I've definitely improved my throwing since last season. I always had a strong arm, but I never really did anything for my mechanics. I have the strong arm, I just need to work on my mechanics… they've gotten better."

Harper hasn't set any official visits, but that will come soon. Chris is certain he will take a visit to Cal, and now with an Irish offer, he'll visit South Bend.

"I haven't scheduled my visit to Notre Dame, but I know I'll take one there," Chris said. "I'm probably taking two visits during the season. I've talked to coach Brown about the USC game. September 22, fits my schedule better, but I'm not sure when I'll visit.

"I really don't have a top-five. I know other people do, but I'm really not there yet. I'm not a die-hard fan for anyone. I just like different players. I like to watch great players." Top Stories