Practice Report 8/16

The Notre Dame football team practiced outdoors this afternoon. It was an overcast afternoon in South Bend with temps in the high 70s. The team was in full pads. Here are some observations:

OFFENSE (by Mike Frank)

We saw some stretching and then the units went into their first individual.

I first stopped by the running backs. Haywood is always happy. I told him as much today, he said: "I'm always happy. When you wake up you can either choose to be happy or to be sad. I choose to be happy." How true.

That is until someone fumbles......

Speaking of which, Haywood got Junior Jabbie to fumble going through the bags, as well as Konrad Reuland and a few others. Luke Schmidt somehow tripped on the bags and fell. Haywood, of course, had some fun at his expense. "I hope they got that on video, Luke. You're going to be the story today. Luke Schmidt trips over nothing."

The wide receivers actually took their turn at the guantlet today. Robby Parris said: "i've never been through one of these before." He quickly found out why the running backs hate it so much. A loud "owe" was heard running through by a lot of guys. We have a lot of it on the practice video, which should be up shortly.

Most made it through pretty well. Grimes and West breezed through it the first time, although Grimes felt the pain the second time.

Barry Gallup made it through pretty well both times.

Duval Kamara, the big guy he is, went through it like nothing. The other freshman, Golden Tate felt the pain the first time. He second go-through was easy.

DJ Hord made it through fine both times as well. Richard Jackson didn't participate in the drill.

The running backs were working on what I'd say were cut blocks. Basically when a back needs to cut a guy in open space. That's what they were working on.

Haywood was having a lot of fun with this.

The tight ends continued to work on blocking. That's all they ever do with the individual drill we see.

DEFENSE (by Colin Burns)

Scouts from the Bears, Lions, Bucs and Falcons were spotted at practice today.

Tight ends/Special Teams coach Bernie Parmalee was talking with Charlie Weis, Jr. during stretching exercises. Parmalee then moved over to his tight end group and said, "Trying to get better. Isn't that right, rook?" The rook is freshman Mike Ragone.

There was no sign of anyone riding the bikes or injured players out on the practice fields.

Head coach Charlie Weis, RB coach Mike Haywood and O-Line coach John Latina had a lengthy conversation during stretches.

The defense was working as an entire unit before heading into individual drills. The defense was going through their dime defense. The two extra DB's were Darrin Walls and Raeshon McNeil. McNeil was back at a safety spot while Tom Zbikowski was close to line. Ambrose Wooden covered the slot while Walls and Terrail Lambert were on the corners. The d-line consisted of Pat Kuntz, Justin Brown and Trevor Laws while the LB's were John Ryan and Anthony Vernaglia.

After breaking from this, the outside linebackers went to work with Corwin Brown. They hit a sled, shed off the last pad and tried to catch a pass for an INT. Morrice Richardson was 2-for-2 with his catches, which surprised Brown. Brown was teasing Richardson about his hands.

The defensive backs were working on backpedalling and then coming back to defend a curl route. Lambert and freshman Gary Gray dropped passes thrown to them while McNeil snared his. Top Stories