Daniel Mack: 2009 Prospect

One 2009 defensive player in the state of Florida that has caught the early attention of college coaches is Daniel Mack of Dade Christian High School (Miami, Fla.) The Irish have had some recruiting success since Charlie Weis landed in South Bend and the hope to continue that success with the 2009 recruiting class.

Daniel Mack had a stellar sophomore season and hopes to continue that as a junior. As a sophomore Mack had 137 total tackles, seven sacks, and had one interception as a strong safety. As a junior Mack will be making a transition to the outside linebacker position.

Mack's high school coach Mike Sonneborn is moving Daniel into the outside linebacker position this coming year, so that Daniel can be closer to the line of scrimmage. Sonneborn thinks that Mack has all the tools necessary to be a great football player. "Daniel has incredible work ethic, great instincts, and a passion for the game. He really understands how to play downhill. It's really tough to teach a high school player how to play downhill, but Daniel has been doing it since his freshman year."

Not only does Mack possess great athletic ability, (4.5 sec forty and 320 lb bench max) but he also has all the tools upstairs. "He's like having a coach out on the field," said Sonneborn. "You only have to teach Daniel something once and he has it down. He really helps us manage the defense from on the field."

Daniel also puts his speed on display on the track. Last year he ran the third leg of the schools 4 x 1 team that won the Florida State Championship.

On the recruiting front Mack has been receiving mail from Florida St. Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Ole Miss. Mack said that he grew up cheering for the hometown Hurricanes but that he was "interested in whoever is interested in him."

Mack attended camps at Florida State and Florida International this past summer and caught the attention of some of those coaches. "Coach Amato at Florida St. really liked him," and the Florida International coaches loved him," said Sonneborn.

When asked if he had any interest in the Irish, Mack had this to say, "I definitely would like to hear from Notre Dame. Notre Dame is actually one of my favorite teams. I was going to try and go to camp up there this summer, but things just didn't work out."

Daniel is friends with current Notre Dame freshman Armando Allen. "I ran track with Armando before he left to go up to Notre Dame, and when he came back this summer he was telling me all about it. I love the tradition that Notre Dame has. The passion that they bring to college football is second to none."

According to Daniel's high school coach, he is one of the best that he has ever coached in his career. "I've had kids go to Virginia Tech, Duke, and Illinois, and Daniel is by far and away the best of them," said Sonneborn.

Daniel reports a 3.2 GPA and has yet to take the SAT or ACT.

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