Practice Report 8/22

The Notre Dame football team practiced outdoors on Wednesday afternoon at Cartier Field. It was hot and humid in South Bend with temps in the high 80's. The players were in shoulder pads and shorts.

Athletic director Kevin White was spotted at practice, along with Deputy Director of Athletics Stan Wilcox.

DB's coach Bill Lewis was going to his players during stretching and saying, "Hold on 1st down, you'll get to 2nd down." I take this to mean that the emphasis is on forcing 2nd-and-long and 3rd-and-long situations for the opposing teams.

One of the coaches came over to freshman Gary Gray and was talking to him about being the show team cornerback. With the depth at CB, I would expect this role to be a frequent one for Gray, who injured his shoulder in the spring time.

No one was on the exercise bikes today.

The linebackers and defensive linemen were going through the bags together. DL coach Jappy Oliver and LB coach Brian Polian were imploring the group to stay low and keep their pads down.

Speaking of Polian, he's really a vocal position coach. Polian coaches the inside linebakers and today they were working on shedding a blocker and getting to the runner on a draw play. Polian was complimentative towards Joe Brockington, Maurice Crum and others.

Corwin Brown, back to his usual pants and long sleeves after a day in shorts yesterday, was instructing the cornerbacks on backpedalling and keeping their head square. They were also working on jamming the wide receivers at the line of scrimmage and forcing them to the outside. Will the Irish DB's bump the Georgia Tech WR's on September 1st? Brown does have an aggresive style. We'll see though.

As has been noted before, if the running backs don't get low enough going through the gauntlet machine, the player will end up with intense pain in the groin area. Walk-on Mike Navarez was the unfortunate fullback who learned this lesson the hard way.

Yawn...the quarterbacks did not throw the ball again.

RDE Justin Brown, who drew praise from Weis on Monday for his high motor and better play on the field, had to do a drill over on the sled while the other d-linemen were getting a drink of water. Jappy Oliver was yelling at the senior to do it right. Top Stories