New QB thrown into the mix

<P>Notre Dame is still looking for another quarterback prospect. One player that is starting to look at Notre Dame is Mobile, AL's Jamarcus Russell. Will Russell visit Notre Dame? </P>

Jamarcus Russell is 6-5 and 220 pounds. He is considered one of the top quarterbacks in the country this year. Jamarcus has shown more and more interest in Notre Dame lately.

"My team isn't doing so well this year. We are 3-2 right now. I have been playing alright so far. I have 1188 yards passing and 9 touchdowns. We are starting to play better though."

Jamarcus is pretty wide open right now. He said he is just trying to concentrate on his season and then he will sit down and set up his visits. "I am going to wait until my season is over to set my visits. I am still trying to decide who I want to visit. I haven't given it much thought. I am pretty sure I will visit Notre Dame though. I like what they are doing up there and I think that might be a good opportunity for me."

Comments Jamarcus didn't want to tip his hand at all about his plans. When he has listed schools in the past, Auburn, Florida, Tennessee, LSU and a host of SEC schools have been listed. It's never a good sign to see Notre Dame listed with a bunch of SEC schools. I do think he will visit Notre Dame but I wouldn't count on him to come. I do think they have a shot but if history tells us anything, it's likely he will stay in the SEC. I wouldn't count out Tyrone Willingham for anyone however. Top Stories