Gardner back and running

<P>Isaiah Gardner is happy recruiting is over. The 5-11, 185 pound runningback has been enjoying his season now that he is healthy again. His stats in his last game should tell a lot of people that he is back to being Isaiah Gardner. </P>

Isaiah Gardner had a big game last week. "I am getting healthy. I am almost 100% right now. I still have to wear a knee brace every game. I just strained a ligament in my knee but no surgery is needed. The doctor says I will be fine. I rushed for 220 yards and 3 touchdowns on 17 carries last week."

Isaiah says he is very happy with his decision and Coach Willingham made it an easy choice. "It's just the way he talks. He is a real cool guy. He is very articulate and very educated. He is also very up front with everything he says. My Mom loves him. She talked to him for a very long time. She talks to him more than I do. She talked to Coach Diedrick tonight for a long time as well. I just give her the phone. The academics were also very important to me. I don't mind committing before I see the school. I will see Notre Dame on December 6th. I am sure I will love the place. It's kind of strange committing to a school without seeing it but I am sure I will like it there. I just want to play for Coach Willingham."

Isaiah is a pretty low key off the field. "I don't do much. In the summer, I just hang out with my friends. I don't have a lot of time during the season to do much. With football and school, I just don't have time. I mainly just watch TV. I watch ESPN all the time. I watch every game of football I can find." Isaiah also runs track in high school. "I do run track. I am not real serious about it. I do it because it helps me get faster for football and it keeps me in shape. I run the 100, 200 and 4x100. My best 100 time is 10.5"

Garnder says he is excited about his official visit on December 6th. "I am looking forward to it. I am pretty much certain I will sign with Notre Dame. I do need to see the school and make sure I like it. I am sure I will. I just want to get my degree. That is the most important thing to me. I will do the best I can do in football and hopefully that will get me to the next level. My Mom was very excited I chose Notre Dame. She really wanted me to go there. I think I will be very happy there." Top Stories