Olsen sets two visits

<P>I spoke with Chris Olsen Sr. last night about his son Greg Olsen. Chris gave me an update on Greg and Greg has set a couple of visits so far. Greg is also having a pretty good year so far. </P>

Greg Olsen is having a great start to his season. His team is 3-0 right now and they are marching on to the state playoffs. I asked Greg's Dad about his season so far. "Mike, I really don't know the actual numbers. I would have to call my stats guy. I can give you a rough idea though. I think he has 12 catches so far and 3 touchdowns. We are not throwing the ball as much as last year. He is averaging about 8-9 tackles a game, he has 9 sacks so far and I know he had 4 tackles for loss in one game. I haven't really kept up with his stats but he is playing very well."

Greg has also set up a couple of visits. "We are heading to Notre Dame on December 6th. We might be in the State Championship game that week so that might have to be changed. I know he has set a visit with Tennessee the following week. After that, I am not sure who he will visit. I think he will take at least 3 but I can't speak for him. He can tell you more than I can. There are a lot of schools he is looking at. Michigan, Florida State, Miami, Nebraska and Stanford are some other schools I know he is interested in.

Since I had Chris on the phone, I thought I would ask him how his son Chris Olsen is doing at Notre Dame this year. "He is doing great. He got a lot of reps with the first unit last week and I think he will get a lot this week as well. I have no idea if he will play but he is excited about being able to get some snaps with the first unit. He really likes it at Notre Dame. Greg and I are trying to work it out to see if we can get there this week. We have a game on Friday so it might not happen. We are trying to work it out though. It will probably be a last minute decision."

Comments. I never ask Chris Sr. to give me a leader for Greg. I have been firm on my thoughts that Greg will attend Notre Dame and that probably won't change until he takes some visits and we get a better idea. Still, I would be very surprised if Greg ends up anywhere other than Notre Dame.

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