Tim Edmund: 2009 Prospect

La Salle High School (Cincinnati, Ohio) head coach Tom Grippa has seen a flood of college coaches come through his office door over the years, and he's preparing for more as his junior class begins to receive attention. One player Grippa is high on is fullback Tim Edmund.

La Salle head coach Tom Grippa became familiar with the Notre Dame staff when the Irish were recruiting his star defensive end, Ben Martin. The Notre Dame staff may need to get reacquainted with Grippa because La Salle has another Division I prospect with fullback Tim Edmund (6-foot-0 225 pounds).

"He's a fullback," coach Grippa responded when asked about Tim Edmund. "He can block, catch and run. When we do our spread stuff, he's our ball carrier. He can be an H-back type of kid. He's a very good receiver. He has very good hands. He's the full package. He's a beast and he's a good one.

"He'll be our tailback next year. He's very athletic and fast. He practices linebacker and he could play linebacker, but at LaSalle we have enough kids where we don't have to play kids both ways.

"When we do our seven-on-seven stuff, he goes out and plays some wide receiver and he's really good out there," coach Grippa explained. "Even though he's big, he's a multi-skilled kid. He's got a lot of emotion and energy.

"He didn't start as a sophomore, because we had two senior running backs, but he played toward the end of last season and he showed a lot of promise. He was about 205 pounds last year."

Now that Edmund is on the field regularly, Grippa believes that it's just a matter of time before the recruiting material starts flowing through his office.

"He's a division I player and he'll get multiple offers," Grippa said. "Tennessee has shown interest in him. I'm not sure he'll be a national recruit just yet, but I think he has a chance to be a big-time prospect that can play at a Tennessee, Ohio State or Notre Dame.

"Coach [Corwin] Brown saw him on the field and thought was big enough, so we'll see what their interest is. I don't think he's necessarily an Ohio State fan, in fact I think his favorite team growing up was Michigan, but he's going to be interested in everybody.

"Someone is going to get themselves a football player that they really love," Grippa said. "I just don't know if he's big-time just yet. If Ohio State isn't offering, I think the mid-level Big Ten and the MAC schools will definitely offer.

"In an offense where they need the fullback to also be an H-back, he's be perfect. He can line up in an ‘Ace' and beat a linebacker. He's strong enough and athletic enough to do that. He's probably not going to be 250 pounds, but he'll probably get up to 235 pounds and still carry his weight well.

"He runs track," Grippa explained. "He ran a 11.4 100 meters. I know that isn't lighting it up, but for a kid that size that's pretty fast. He didn't go to any camps last summer, but he'll get out to some this spring and this summer."

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