Jordan Jonkers: 2009 Prospect

As of September 1, college coaches have begun recruiting high school juniors. The Notre Dame coaching staff has been busy sending out recruiting material and it appears that they have interest in Jordan Jonkers of Hudsonville High School (Mich.)

Michigan produces a number of top prospects every year and this year isn't any different. Running back Jordan Jonkers (5-foot-11, 195 pounds) will be one of the state's top players and the Irish are starting to show interest in him.

"I got three letters over the last couple days," Jonkers responded when asked if Notre Dame had been in contact with him. " I'd love to visit Notre Dame, but I haven't had the chance, because I've been really busy. I grew up watching them and I think it would be a fun school to visit. The competition seems pretty solid and I think they have a great football program.

"I haven't spoken to the coaches, but Charlie Weis seems like he's a good head coach. He seems strict and there isn't anything wrong with that."

Notre Dame isn't the only school to have taken notice of Jonkers. Several other top programs have also begun to recruit him.

"Michigan State has been sending me stuff," he said. "Boston College has been sending me stuff and so has Stanford. Michigan would be a school that I'd like to go to. I also like Michigan State, Boston College and Stanford.

"Notre Dame sent me tickets to the USC game and Michigan State sent me tickets to the Pittsburgh game. Stanford invited me to come out, but they haven't sent me tickets yet.

"I really hadn't thought about recruiting much until everyone started sending me stuff," Jordan said. "It's kind of exciting. It's mind-blowing right now. Growing up you never think this stuff is going to happen to you…It's awesome."

Like most top high school athletes, Jordan plays on both sides of the ball. Although his first love is at running back, he's open to playing other positions in college.

"On offense I'll play mostly tailback," Jonkers explained." I'll play some fullback and they'll split me out at times. I'd love to play running back in college. I love offense. I like being in control and having the football in my hands. I like to elude tacklers or run over them…anyway to get around them.

"I'm playing outside linebacker on defense. They'll drop me down to defensive end, they'll drop me into coverage and sometimes I'll slide down to defensive tackle, , so I'm all over the place.

"When I play on the defensive line, I just try to get off the ball as quick as I can. I try to make one good move to get around them and try not to get killed." Top Stories