Guilford has set on visit

<P>Ira Guilford is known as a very physical player. He plays tailback and strong safety for Hoboken HS in Hoboken NJ. Guilford has around 30 offers so far and he has set his first official visit. Will he visit Notre Dame? </P>

"My team is 2-1 right now. I don't know my defensive stats yet. I know I had 8 tackles in the last game. They never run or throw my way. On offense, I have 31 carries for 335 yards and 4 touchdowns so far. I haven't been given my defensive stats yet."

Ira has set his first official visit with Michigan State on December 13th. "I know I will visit Ohio State for sure. The other schools I am considering are Penn State, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Boston College and Maryland." I asked Ira if he knew which schools out of those listed that he would probably visit. "Well, Notre Dame probably and then maybe Penn State. I am pretty sure I will visit Notre Dame."

Guilford says he has coaches calling him all the time to set up visits. "They call every night. I just haven't had the time to set the rest. I will probably set down with my parents soon and figure out which other schools I will visit. I will probably set them up as the season goes on."

I ran plans to take all 5 visits and have his decision sometime in January. "I will probably take a couple of visits in December and then a couple in January and decide sometime after that."

Comments. I do believe he will visit Notre Dame. I think Michigan State and Ohio State will be the main competition here. I do think he has a pretty big interest in Notre Dame. They kind of came in a little later with an offer than most of these schools so they have some ground to make up. Top Stories