Ray Edwards likes Notre Dame

Ray Edwards is a new name to the list. Ray visited Notre Dame for the Notre Dame/Michigan game and came away very impressed with Notre Dame and with Coach Willingham. Does Ray plan to visit?</P>

Ray Edwards is a big guy at 6-6 240 pounds. He is listed with 4.6 speed and he has been using that speed to lead his team to a 5-1 record this year. He has a great start to his season. "Right now, I have 58 tackles and 11 sacks. I have 7 touchdowns on offense catching and running the ball."

Ray has set a couple of visits as well. "I am visiting Purdue October 19th. I am also visiting Boston College on November 16th. I know I will visit Notre Dame and Ohio State for sure. The last visit will either be Penn State or South Carolina."

I asked Ray about his visit to Notre Dame for the Michigan game. "That was great. I got to meet the staff and Coach Willingham. He is a real straight-forward guy. He just gets down to business and gets the work done. They told me they need a pass rusher and that I am their #1 guy and that they believed that I could get the job done. I really liked Coach Willingham. He is a real nice guy. I really liked the school as well. It's a nice little school and there wouldn't be a lot of distractions. I feel I could get my work done there."

Ray has not been offered a scholarship by Notre Dame yet. "I need to get my test score up a little bit. I am real close to where I need to be. I take the ACT on October 29th and I should get it. Notre Dame said they would offer as soon as I got the score I needed. I am sure I will get it."

Ray said he also knows what is most important to him in choosing a school. "Education is very important to me. I want to go to a school where I am not a number in class. I don't want to be just a football player or a number. I want to develop a personal relationship with my instructors so I can go to them when I need help."

Ray said he would take all 5 visits. "I am pretty sure I will take all 5. I was leaning to Ohio State before I got out there and started looking at the other schools. I found out that there are a lot of great schools out there. It's pretty even right now with all the schools. I will take my visits and hopefully that will tell me which schools is the best for me. I will probably decide in late January."

Comments. Coach Willingham and Notre Dame made quite an impression on Ray. If he can get his score, Notre Dame will surely offer. Once they do, I think they will be the team to beat.

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