Undra Hendrix: 2009 Prospect

Notre Dame has a solid group of linebackers committed to the 2008 recruiting class, but if they continue to play the ‘3-4' defense the Irish will need to bring in a sizeable group of linebackers every year. Undra Hendrix of Ranchview High School (Irving, Texas) is only a junior, but he is showing everyone that he has the ability to be one of the top linebackers in the 2009 class.

Linebacker Undra Hendrix (6-foot-0, 225 pounds) is just one of those players that jumps out at you when you watch his team play. First-year head coach Terry LeBlanc will have plenty of colleges getting in touch with him about his standout linebacker and it looks like the Irish may be one of them.

"I've received some letters already from Notre Dame," coach LeBlanc responded when asked if Hendrix was receiving any recruiting attention. "He's our middle linebacker. He's plays on a lot of special teams. We use him as a fullback in short yardage. He's a very strong runner and he's hard to bring down. If we had another linebacker he'd probably be one of my running backs. He's got a lot to do at linebacker, so we'd like to keep our middle linebacker playing on one side of the ball.

"We're a 3A school. He's one of the biggest skill kids on our team. He's one of the only kids in our program that have the ability to play Division I football. He started the last half of the season as a sophomore for them, I believe.

"He's very talented. He's very aggressive, very smart and he's very football savvy," coach LeBlanc said. "He's a great kid to coach. He's got a lot of talent and a lot of skill. He makes good grades and he takes advanced placement classes."

Coach Leblanc hasn't been at Ranchview long, but he has the background to know what colleges are looking for in a football player.

"I coached at Oregon State, so I've been at the college level before," LeBlanc explained. "If he didn't make it at linebacker he certainly could play fullback. He could do either one of those positions and do very well.

"I think he's a linebacker. I'm not sure if he's an inside linebacker or an outside guy, that will depend on how he develops, his size and his speed, but he's definitely a linebacker. He understands the game of football. He understands what is happening to him during a game. He's way ahead of everybody. He can make adjustments on the field. He can be a field general at times. He's still only 16 year-old, but his awareness of the game makes him standout. He has great recognition of formations. He rolls the defense around, he places people where they need to be when we check out of different things.

"He's getting to be a big-time hitter," LeBlanc said. "He's one of those kids though that he doesn‘t know his own potential. He's becoming a big hitter and he'll become one, once he get more grass time and game time. He'll become a big-time hitter, for sure."

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